There are several ways you can donate money to ASEED.

Transfer money to our bank account
You can transfer money to the following Triodos Bank account: IBAN: NL47 TRIO 0254 7289 52, in the name of Stichting A SEED Europe, Amsterdam, with the message: “Donation ASEED”. (For payments from abroad: SWIFT or BIC: TRIONL2U)
The advantage of this type of money transfer is that all the money you transfer actually reaches us.

Geef Gratis
Via the website ‘Geef Gratis‘ you can transfer money directly to ASEED. On the website of this foundation you will find several options, such as iDeal and PayPal. Please note: 10% of your donation goes to Geef Gratis for their expenses (so ‘Give for Free’ is actually a bit of a confusing and misleading name).

ASEED has its own Paypal account. If you are using Paypal yourself as well, this can be a fast and easy way to paypal-donatieknopdonate money. An advantage is that it works just as easy from abroad. Also Paypal however keeps a part of the money you donate: 35 eurocent + 3.4% of the total amount.

Thanks in advance from the whole ASEED team!

Although it is not necessary when making a one-time donation, we would still like to collect your name and email address. This makes it possible for us to inform you, as a donor, about important campaign activities. And maybe you would like to receive our quarterly digital newsletter SEEDmail as well? If this sounds interesting, please share your contact details to

If you have donated to ASEED more than once, or are planning to do so, then you could consider becoming a regular donor. Periodic donations give ASEED more financial security, which makes it easier for us to plan future actions, campaign activities and expenses. There are different ways to become a regular donor; either with Periodical money transfers or by Authorized money transfers.