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ASEED at Lekker Naar de Boer Farms 22nd & 23rd June

lekkernaardeboer-logoOn 22nd and 23rd June ASEED will be at open farm days as part of the ‘Lekker naar de Boer’ nationwide public event to celebrate organic farming.

We will be giving out free GM free potato snacks with a campaign stall at two different agriculture based locations in Flevoland as part of our ‘Gentech Friet Eet Ik Niet’ campaign. [:]

We will be hosted by a biological potato farm in Emmeloord on Saturday and then on Sunday at the Centre for Organic agriculture in Lelystad for a picnic.

Come along and talk to us, meet a farmer, eat tasty snacks, learn more about the issues and find out how you can get involved in the campaign.

The details :

22nd June @ Biologisch Dynamische Zaadteelt BuitenBant

Address: Noorderringweg 8-1, 8314 PH Bant (Noordoostpolder)
From 10am – 4pm
See the website for more details www.buitenbant.nl

23rd June @ Centrum Biologische Landbouw / Centre for Organic Agriculture
Address: Bronsweg 22, Lelystad
Organic Picnic from 11am – 4pm
Website CBL: www.biologischelandbouw.org

The Lekker Naar de Boer programme offers opportunities for the public to tour the open farms and see their different functions, how organic products are made, as well as the chance to vote for ´Favourite Organic Farmer of 2013´

For more information about Lekker Naar de Boer, organised by Bionext see the website: http://www.lekkernaardeboer.nl/