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Marches Against Monsanto

mama-monsanto-food-is-a-right-250On Saturday May 25th 2012 four Marches Against Monsanto took place in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam and Wageningen there were about 3000 and 2500 protesters. In Den Haag around 500 and in Bergschenhoek 200. The protesters were supporting sustainable agriculture and were against Monsanto, a multinational corporation producing pesticides and GMOs. Monsanto’s activities are controvercial because of their impact on the environment and social misbehaviour like unconscionable contracts for farmers. The demonstrators were also concerned about the companies increasing influence on governmental and scientific institutes around the world.[:]

March_Against_Monsanto-1A more extended report of the day you can find in Dutch. Linda from ASEED gave a speech that days which is available in English.

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