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2-3 maart 2013, Den Bosch: Reclaim the Seeds weekend

The aims of the weekend are to preserve biodiversity in food crops and to support gardeners and organizations who are active in this area. The use and trade of self-saved seeds is against European regulations that specify that traded crops must be on a fixed list. The Reclaim the Seeds event is also a protest against the patenting of crops. Multinationals are swallowing up more and more small seed companies, in the Netherlands and beyond. This sort of development will be discussed during the workshop programme.

It has been shown that this kind of seed exchange is a good way to involve and mobilize people around seed-related issues.

It will not be easy to surpass the success of the 2012 seed exchange in Amsterdam (see http://reclaimtheseeds.nl), but we are confident that this will be a busy, inspiring and seed-rich weekend. Now that the dates and location have been determined we will focus on the practical arrangements and publicity.

If you would like to have a stand with seeds and/or critical information about gardening and agriculture, you can contact <reclaimtheseeds@aseed.net>. We are also looking for people who want to help out, both with the preparations and during the weekend itself.

Practical information for Saturday 2 March

Location: Reparatiestraat (In between Paardskerkhofweg 14 and Parallelweg 30), Den Bosch

The seed exchange will run from 11:00 until 17:00. More information about the workshop and evening programmes will be posted on the website.

Practical information for Sunday 3 March

Location: De Graafse Hof, Mgr. van Roosmalenplein, Den Bosch, begins 11:00 (both time and location are subject to change).

Websites for additional information and updates: https://www.aseed.net and http://reclaimtheseeds.nl

The Reclaim the Seeds initiative in the Netherlands was initially undertaken by ASEED. Currently there are more people active, and in Den Bosch there will be cooperation with Transition Town Den Bosch, Transfarmers and De Reparatiestraat.

Here you find a digital version of the flyer:


If you want to receive some to spread them in your region, please get in contact with <reclaimtheseeds@aseed.net>.