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20 november: Food Coop evening on legal aspects

For existing or new (Fresh)Food Coops the question if the collective should get a more official status often arises at some point. When you want to use a bankaccount for example, it is often necessary to register as a cooperative for example, in order to be able to get an account. If not you might have to use a personal bankaccount which might make the owner of the account liable, if something might go wrong. To avoid this, it might be handy to get a legal status. There are also arguments to not get one.

On this evening we would like to discuss about the pros and cons of getting a legal status and what kind of statuses there are and which ones might be useful.
The basis for this evening is a report of a previous evening about the juridical and financial aspects of (Fresh) Food Coops. There is also an earlier document made up by Ernst&Young in which a couple of aspects are well explained. Both documents can be requested via versvoko [at] aseed.net. It is also handy if you would use this emailaddress to let us know if you are coming so we can put enough chairs, coffee and tea ready.

The evening will take place at the Bilderdijkstraat 165f in Amsterdam in the space of D4net and will start at 20:00 and end around 22:00.