Reading Group

ASEED’s reading groups are a social, communicative, creative way of learning, exchanging ideas and thoughts, raising awareness and coming together. The reading group has been focused on promoting anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-capitalist and … verder lezen

The Common Agricultural Policy Reading Session

Hey friends and comrades, Wednesday 1st of July we will have our next reading group at 7 pm at the Mahatma Gandhi Community Garden, in Plantage, very close to the ASEED office. … verder lezen

What happened at the FAF#6 Transcript

Sunday evening after a weekend full of activities, Anarchapple and Squarrot reflect on the weekend.  – I have to confess something Squarrot, Friday morning, when we arrived for the farming activities at … verder lezen

FAF#5 Utrecht

– Days full of highlights – The FAF #5 in Utrecht was powerful experience, with lots of great talks, moments of joy together with great people, learning about building alternative food systems … verder lezen

Impressions from FAF #5

The FAF #5 has happened throughout two weekends in June 2021. It started with a first part in Amsterdam during the first weekend of June (4th-6th June). The second session was in … verder lezen

FAF #5 Utrecht Programme (11th & 12th June)

Below you can find the full schedule for all the talks, workshops and other activities happening at the FAF #5 in Utrecht on the 11th and 12th of June. We are really … verder lezen

Structure of the campaign

The Fossil Free Agriculture campaign has been in full swing now for more than a year. Throughout this last year we have discovered more and more about the shape of this campaign. … verder lezen

Upcoming bi-monthly themes 2019/2020
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[Dit artikel is alleen in het Engels beschikbaar] The Fossil Free Agricultural (FFA) campaign has been developed by ASEED in collaboration with other collectives since the beginning of 2018. In the first year we chose … verder lezen

Over ons

Vision ASEED strives for a world where people feel empowered to take action to achieve social justice and environmental integrity on both the local and global level. Mission Statement ASEED aims to … verder lezen

Post-FAF Resources

Wageningen University connections to fossil fuel companies and the agri-food industry – by Brigitte and Oscar from The Jester Jester edition June 2022 WUR research commissioned to weaken the Farm to fork … verder lezen

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