Anti-GM campaign launch – Stop the Crop!

In the last 15 years only two GM crops have been authorized for cultivation in Europe. stop_the_cropped This was a result of public rejection and successful opposition by the environmental, social and farmers movements. However, we are still faced with around 25 GM crops in the pipeline that are close to getting approved, many of them resistant to (multiple) herbicides, and Bt-crops. There is also a GMO-supporting European Commission, less encouraged national governments and intransparent ways how these decisions are taken.

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Steun de Field Liberation Movement aardappelbevrijders in hun rechtszaak



Join ASEED on a solidarity trip to Belgium: Monday 27th -Tuesday 28th May.

We are organising transport to Dendermonde, to support the 11 activists that are resisting the unjust sentences in the ‘GM potato trial’. 

And you are invited to participate actively. At the first hearing the defense team did not have the chance to present their evidence, their witnesses or to explain their action. Now their will be a Public Hearing, organised independently from the courthouse, in which we can all exchange our arguments and form our opinion together.  Citizens, farmers, researchers, and anybody else interested in the issue: bring your knowledge, experience and ideas.

We will be leaving on the evening of Monday 27th May, and returning after the trial finishes on Tuesday 28th.
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Docu: Van boer tot boer

Van boer tot boer (Farmer to Farmer) is een Engelse documentaire van circa dertig minuten, die eerder dit jaar uitkwam. De maker is Michael Heart, een conventionele veeboer uit Dorset (GB) die de film speciaal voor Europese boeren heeft opgenomen in Amerika. Zelf is Heart betrokken bij de Britse Family Farms Association. 

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2-3 maart 2013, Den Bosch: Reclaim the Seeds weekend

The aims of the weekend are to preserve biodiversity in food crops and to support gardeners and organizations who are active in this area. The use and trade of self-saved seeds is … verder lezenverder lezen

Landbouwactiekamp 2012: inspirerend en geslaagd

Succesvolle actiedag tegen gentech-soja in veevoer Tussen 4 en 11 juli vond in Den Bosch het tweede landbouwactiekamp plaats onder het motto: “voedsel terug in eigen hand”. Naar schatting 200 mensen kwamen … verder lezen

Reader: Studiedag Gentechvrije Zones

In February 2009 ASEED had organised a study day about establishing GMO-free regions in the Netherlands. As a preparation for this events a reader has been published. You can download this document … verder lezen

Take action in the legislative process of EU-Seed regulation!

There is urgent action needed to avoid damage by the upcoming new EU regulation of seed marketing. The new regulation will de facto ban old and rare varieties and farmers varieties and … verder lezen

Biotech’s 10 biggest PR disasters of 2012

2012 was the year the lights came up on the biotech industry. Its claims, its tactics and its products all came under scrutiny and some of its biggest PR fairytales bit the dust. Here are some prime examples listed by GM watch
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GMO trial verdict: Crimilisation of Struggle for a sustainable agricultural system

(Dendermonde, 12th February 2013) – Today the court of Dendermonde convicted 11 activists of consipiracy. In doing so, the judge has criminalised their participation in the debate and the non violent direct action on 29th May 2011, which brought attention to the need for a sustainable agriculture system.

verder lezen heeft je steun nodig is dè Nederlandstalige website met (kritisch) nieuws & informatie over genetische manipulatie in landbouw en voedselvoorziening. We bereiken 5.000 tot 9.000 bezoekers per maand. De website is een belangrijke bron van … verder lezen

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