Pesticides debate in Amsterdam

On Thursday April 5th, ASEED will participate in a debate (in English) on pesticides organised by the Green Office of the Vrij Universiteit in Amsterdam. A representative from Syngenta and a professor … verder lezen

ASEED info night : new GMOs

[Nog niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands] On Friday March 23rd, join us at NieuwLand in Amsterdam to discuss about Genetically Modified Organisms in agriculture.

Buy The Planet Summit

[Nog niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands] On the 12th of December, French president Emmanuel Macron gathered international negotiators in Paris for the One Planet Summit. Exactly two years after signing the Paris … verder lezen

COP23, final update: negotiations outcomes

[Nog niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands] Have governments achieved anything relevant? Did they finish the Paris Agreement documents? Did they discuss agriculture or climate refugees? This is a short review on the … verder lezen

COP23, update 4: positive initiatives

[Nog niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands] Despite the strong ‘business as usual’ attitude we witnessed in and around the COP23, all was not doom and gloom in Bonn. Here are some very … verder lezen

COP23, update 3: resistance vs. business as usual

[nog niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands] Here is ASEED’s third update about the COP23 in Bonn. In the last days, we have been visiting the official conference centre and most importantly, we … verder lezen

COP23, update 2: coalfish and daisy world

[Nog niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands] On Monday Nov 6th, Prime Minister of Fiji Frank Bainimarama opened the COP23, stressing on the emergency of the situation “All over the world, vast numbers … verder lezen

COP23 update 1: Ende Gelände en meer

Gisteren, zondag 5 november, hebben duizenden mensen deelgenomen aan de massale burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheidsactie bij de bruinkoolmijn bij Hambach. Deze mijn ligt op ongeveer 50 kilometer van Bonn waar morgen de klimaatconferentie COP23 … verder lezen

Landbouw, een vergeten probleem bij klimaatconferenties

[Deze tekst bestaat alleen in het Engels] From the 6th to the 17th of November 2017, ASEED will focus its attention on Bonn. During two weeks, the German city will welcome the COP23 … verder lezen

Monsanto’s impact on basic human rights

[Sorry, deze artikel bestaat nog niet in het Nederlands] After several months of work following the hearings of witnesses and experts (The Hague, Oct. 2016), the five judges of the Monsanto Tribunal … verder lezen

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