De Sojacampagne

A SEED questions large scale soy production in South America and supports sustainable and local food production in Europe. The campaign has the following goals:

To inform the general public about the social and ecological effects of the massive soy production in Latin America; land conflicts, violence, rising pesticide use, GMOs, deforestation, erosion and loss of food sovereignty.

To link the issue with meat production and consumption in Europe; Most of the soy is used as animal feed in Europe (and China). This meat industry creates animal cruelty and pollution by over-fertilisation.

To stop the current certification processes; nature conservation organisations and some NGOs, together with companies, are creating criteria for so called ‘responsible soy’ that are unacceptable for local peasants and don’t question the current export-volume neither the use of genetically manipulated seeds.

To give direct support to local initiatives that fight the soy expansion by giving international attention to their struggle, doing solidarity actions in Europe and raising money.

While the problems related to soy production are continuously increasing, a new campaign focus was taking shape: fuel and electricity produced from agriculture products. Also the threat of climate change and the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels has sped up this alarming development. At the moment ASEED is more focussing on GMOs and to less extend the problems with monopolisation of seeds. But we still have knowledge about the soy issue and are willing to join actions against the huge soy imports of the Netherlands.