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Europees Burgerinitiatief tegen TTIP en CETA

stopttip[Deze bestaat helaas alleen nog maar in het Engels] Please sign the European Citizen’s Initiative on TTIP and CETA, free trade agreements with respectively the US and Canada. ASEED, together with a broad movement of organisations and individuals, wants to prevent TTIP and CETA because they include several critical issues such as investor-state dispute settlement and rules on regulatory cooperation that pose a threat to democracy and the rule of law. We want to prevent employment, social, environmental, privacy and consumer standards from being lowered and public services (such as water) and cultural assets from being deregulated in non-transparent negotiations. The Citizen’s Initiative supports an alternative trade and investment policy in the EU. A European citizens’ initiative allows one million EU citizens to participate directly in the development of EU policies, by calling on the European Commission to make a legislative proposal. In the case of TTIP The initiative was first rejected by the EU, but we go on to show them that opposition through people’s power can not be shot down.

Please sign here: https://stop-ttip.org/

Meer achtergronden in het Nederlands over TTIP kun je vinden in de krant TTIP van de IJsberg.