The FAF #5 has happened throughout two weekends this year. It started with a first part in Amsterdam during the first weekend of June (4th-6th June). The second session was in Utrecht during the following weekend (11th & 12th June) and then followed by Wageningen (13th & 14th June). The Festival activities were partly online and partly offline.

Reviews of the three cities form the FAF #5:
Amsterdam – Replanting the Lutkemeer polder –
Utrecht – Days full of highlights –
Wageningen – Blossoms around the city –

This year we focused on:

? Decolonizing food systems 
This year we will focus on decolonization of oppressive food systems, by talking about practices like land-grabbing, monocultures, GMOs, commodification of food, industrial agriculture, animal farming and modern slavery as well as the revolutions and resistance that has been led by the Native, indigenous people, people of color, and women, to regenerate our relationship with food and ecosystems. 

? Regenerative agriculture through practices
We will get our hands dirty in the practical workshops to learn about regenerative agriculture and educate ourselves about urban-rural farming connections, soil regeneration, agricultural justice, and any other farming practices aiming for dismantling the industrial agricultural system. 

? Roots and fruits of resistance
We will also have a look in the ways of raising voices and taking actions that have been used in the past and we will dream about what would be possible in the future to resist, build and care for our communities.

It was partially made possible by ALERT.

The Food Autonomy Festival (FAF) Amsterdam is a festival organised around the months of May/June. During this weekend people involved in food autonomy present and celebrate alternatives and resistance to the state and corporate-controlled industrial food system.

The first two editions took place Bajesdorp in Amsterdam and were one day events with food, talks and music. The third was a three day action camp which took place in support of the the Behoud Lutkemeer campaign.  The fourth was a Homemade edition with an online webinar due to the corona crisis and a ‘real-life’ seed-bombing action at the Lutkemeerpolder. The fifth edition took place online and across Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Wageningen over the first two weekends of June!

If you’d like to get involved just get in touch!

FAF #5 poster