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Gentech department BASF retreats from Europe

It remains unclear how BASF continues with those products. They developed these potatoes in collaboration with other parties. On possibility could be they try to get approval of the Fortuna to then sell it. The question remains whether the parties involved with Modena GM potato p.e. will continue with the course BASF claims to leave. Alternatively, BASF chose this strategy to pressure European politician and industry for faster and easier approval of genetically modified species. ASEED will continue to keep an eye on that.

BASF states they will concentrate their research and development activities in North- and South America in collaboration with the chemical giant Monsanto. On this side of the world, farmers struggle endlessly to reach sustainable agriculture without dependency on multinational cooperations. BASF however will continue their research on genetically modified plants in Gent, Belgium, which are supposedly not meant to be for the European market.

ASEED opposes genetically modified plants since increases influence and power of multinationals on our food chains and decreases and endangers the natural biodiversity. Last but not least, the implications for the consumer’s health and the effects on the environment still unknown. Only last year, ASEED took action against field trials in Flevoland, actions took place nearly simultaneously in Wetteren, Belgium against a trial with genetically potatoes.

Resistance is fertile!

Link to the press release BASF: http://www.basf.com/group/pressrelease/P-12-109
Belgian Field Liberation Movement: http://fieldliberation.wordpress.com
More on GMO in the Netherlands you can find on: http://www.gentech.nl and https://www.aseed.net/gmo