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Gentech.nl needs your support

For 8 years Gentech.nl has been providing information on genetic manipulation of agriculture crops and food.  The goal is to make accesable Dutch information on genetic engineering available to a broader public. Gentech.nl is the only Dutch website on this topic with a professional editorial team. It provides general backgrounds as well as news critical of GM developments. Important because 2013 will be a crucial year in which several biotech corporations will try to get authorisation to market their GM potatoes, soy and corn. To keep the website online and up-to-date, both technically as well as its content, we seed 170 new donors and sponsors before March 1.

With this website we try to balanse the in our view one-sided (pro-GM) information that generally dominates mainstream media in the Netherlands. With this we feed a public  debate on the risks GMOs generate to conventional and organic agriculture, biodiversity, and health. The website has between 5.000 and 9.000 visitors per month and an inportant source of information for numerous journalists,  concerned citiznes and activists.

A team of 4 professional editors are responsible for the news items on the website: Diederick Sprangers (st. Genethica/independent consultant), Marc van der Sterren (freelance agriculture journalist), Henk van der Keur (researchjournalist), and Linda Coenen (GMO expert of ASEED). Coordination and financing are the responsibility of ASEED Europe since larger NGOs involved had to downsize their range of topics.

Before March 1,  2013 we need 10.000 euros to keep the website online, improve its quality and increase its outreach. Because it has become next to impossible to find subsidies or grants to finance it, we started this  crowdfunding campaign. With small contributions from site visitors and other supporters we try to collect the necessary budget. In addition we look for corporate sponsors, mainly in the organic sector, and organisation that want to promote the website and this fundraising campaign in their networks.

Gentech.nl is seeking 170 regular donors that can support us with 5 euros per month and sponsors who can contribute more. ASEED calls out to people to find donors by:
– spreading this call in their networks
– spreading our calls via facebook and twitter  (we are gentechpuntnl in twitter en facebook.com/gentechnl)
– organising a small fundraise activity

How to donate

You can transfer donations into our Triodos account IBAN: NL47 TRIO 0254 7289 52 in the name of Stg. A SEED Europe and please mention ‘gentech.nl’ in the description field.
Or you can donate directly online via www.gentech.nl/steun_ons. For Dutch taxpayers gifts are tax-deductable because ASEED is an ANBI.