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Greenwash alert: “Monsanto Helps Farmers…”

Also the large scale agricultural sector as a whole is working on a pr-campaign. “The public isn’t getting information from farmers. They’re getting it from activist groups. Their agenda is to create sensationalism, so they can raise money. It’s a business plan.” And those misleaded consumers start to set up farmers markets to support all those small farmers, a dangerous development. In Juni the State Agriculture Directors met at the (sponsored by Monsanto and ADM) Midwest Association of State Departments of Agriculture to discuss how to make the image of their agricultural practices greener again.

You can draw parallels with South America: aggressive up-scaling kicks most farmers off their land. Many middle sized farmers are being squeezed out by unfair contracts with Monsanto and poverty is growing. To keep everything quiet you sooth farmers with a contribution to a school or a club house. After the soy industry has profited optimally from a power vacuum in remote areas, after rain forests of the original inhabitants have been sacrificed and after small farmers and whole communities have been displaced, Monsanto dares to advertise their help programme Seedbed of the Future’ like this: “A program like this is critical because it reaches places where nobody else does – rural communities where government help never appears, and there is a complete lack of public policies.” What a nerve.

Farmers in Europe, don’t buy this lie! Boycot Monsanto’s products while it is still possible.