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Inspection Group reveals agenda Monsanto

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From October 31 till November 5th there has been a high profile international summit in The Hague about Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change. It is commonly recognised that food production is affected by climate change – but it is hardly recognised that industrial food production is actually a major cause of climate change.

According to countless scientists, NGO’s and farmers organisations (1) the only realistic way forward is to change from high tech, high input, highly inefficient industrial farming towards climate-friendly, sustainable farming methods.

In an effort to secure funding for their research and development as well as carbon credits for their industrial mono-crops (REDD) the farming industry offers newer bigger and better miracle crops, that are resistant to extreme climate conditions.(2)

"What we discovered today is a massive scam to cash in on climate change" – according to the action group 'Verdelg Monsanto' ('Roundup Monsanto') that initiated the inspection.

Although they were denied entry to Monsanto’s massive seed breeding complex in the heart of the Dutch 'Seed Valley', the action group claims to have removed a portrait of Monsanto’s top man 'Huge' Grant from inside the director’s office.

On the reverse side it revealed Monsanto’s hidden agenda:
1. Make all farmers dependent of our seeds and patents
2. Manipulate our seeds so that they depend on our poison
3. Make everyone believe this is good for people and planet
4. Make sure that laws and legislation serve our purposes
5. Remove small farmers, only large scale monoculture farms can survive
6. thus take control of food markets and pricing

as well as Monsanto’s company mission statement:

"damage to people and planet is unimportant
everyone that stands in our way will be forced to shut up"

'Verdelg Monsanto' calls upon governments, International Financial Institutions and policy makers that participate in the official conference programme to ignore the pressure from the biotech lobby and choose for sustainable food security for all.

1) http://www.iatp.org/climate/files/document/civil%20society%20statement_hague_0.pdf
A short analysis of the outcomes of the conference in The Hague you can find in the article "Agriculture-Climate Summit The Hague: Roadmap to Nowhere".

2) http://www.agassessment.org/reports/IAASTD/EN/Agriculture%20at%20

the inspection has started

the fence stayed closed

presentation of the evidence: farmer with his monsanto contract

presentation of the evidence: pesticide soy scandals (together with WWF)

presentation of the evidence: portret of the Monsanto's
president Huge Grant with the hidden agenda on the back