Docu: De wereld volgens Monsanto

‘GMO / OGM’: de onzichtbare bedreiging ARTE: 3 jaar onderzoek naar de grootste zaadhandel van de planeet (2008) Een magistrale en alarmerende reportage over de multinational Monsanto die 90% van de OGM … verder lezen

Gentech department BASF retreats from Europe

The multinational chemical company BASF announced on January 16th to halt any developments and marketing of genetically modified plants in Europe. They stated that the resistance against GMO’s is too great.
BASF focused especially on the developments of potatoes on the European market. It seems that their plans within the Netherlands have also come to a halt, regarding the Amflora potato (production of propagating material) and the development of Modena together with Dutch starch cooperative AVEBE. The approval process of the GM consumption potato Fortuna will be finished and include a field trial in Dinteloord (NL) and in Sweden and Germany as well.
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Uitwisseling ‘Duurzaam Buurten’

Zondag 3 oktober 2010 organiseert Transition Town Tilburg een uitwisseling voor Transition Town groepen in Brabant. Voor meer informatie hierover.

Manual: GMO-free regions

(only available in Dutch) Hier vind je een handleiding om zelf aan de slag te gaan met een gentechvrije zone. Dat kan op verschillende schalen. Van klein (een kantine of school) tot groot (een hele stad of regio.
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Succesfull sticker action ‘GM chips won’t touch my lips’ continues

Hundreds of stickers with the message “I don’t eat GM chips” have been spread throughout The Netherlands between September 29 and October 7. The sticker action week against GM potatoes took place parallel to the annual Week of Taste, which’ central theme this year was the potato. Concerned citizens and activists put the protest stickers on landposts and such in the vicinities of snackbars, supermarkets, trial fields with genetically modified potatoes. Even the WUR agriculture university in Wageningen was not spared. Apparently the GE projects of BASF and WUR leave not only us with sour taste and many do not hide their resentment. But unfortunately the message has not came across well yet, as the most recent permit for even more BASF field trials for 2013 illustrate. So GM protests go on and we call everybody to join our sticker and protest card action “GM chips won’t touch my lips”. Continue reading to find out how, and where.
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SEEDmail #15 – winter 2010/11

Hello and happy 2011 to all of our readers! Our new years’ resolutions are to bust the corporate green launderette called RTRS, build up the Dutch food action movement and stuff our faces with local fresh food from independent distribution channels. From the snowy peaks of Amsterdam we bring you SEEDmail, the ASEED newsletter.

This issue:
– Round Table on Responsible Soy
– 2013 European Community Agriculture
– VersVoko dates
– Berlin demonstration
– Protest against privatising biodiversity – Amsterdam
– Monsanto inspection hidden agenda
– New A SEED website
– Financial appeal
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4 oktober: 2e bijeenkomst Transitie de Pijp

Maandag 4 oktober 2010 zal Transitie de Pijp haar tweede bijeenkomst houden over een nieuw op te zetten VersVoko. Nieuwe leden zijn nog steeds welkom.   Aanvang: 19:30 Lokatie: Wijkcentrum Centuur, Gerard … verder lezen

Reader: Gen Zoekt Boer

With the ASEED film Farmer and the Gene, comes a reader with extensive background information. It is available in Dutch only. Download it here or contact us to get a copy.  

1st GMO-free zone in Romania!

No Geneticaly Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our fields

The National Federation of Organic Farmers (FNAE) and the Information Centre on GMOs (InfOMG – Romania) announce the declaration of the first GMO Free Region in Romania. A number of 26 localities from the Bistrita Nasaud county, declared themselves as GMO Free Zones.
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