ASEED on tour langs varkensstallen

In june 2009 ASEED Europe and the German organisation Nandu have visited a large number of locations where local residents have organised themselves against the construction of mega pig stalls. Most dates … verder lezen

Vleesafdeling supermarkt gesloten

Antwerpen, 6 augustus 2009 – Een groep van 40 deelnemers aan het klimaatactiemap heeft tijdelijk de vleesafdeling in de Delhaize supermarkt op de Meir in Antwerpen gesloten. De productie en verkoop vlees … verder lezen

Screening The Future of Food

On Monday 31st of March the workgroup Environment in the Eastern Innercity in Amsterdam will screen the documentary The Future of Food in the oval hall of the Oosterkerk on Wittenburg.… verder lezen

GMO-Free Zones

Regions in various European countries have declared themselves GMO-free. There are 260 in total now, and we’re not talking about some small areas: Tuscany, the Basque Country, Poland, parts of France and Austria. In Germany farmers have united to create GMO-free zones of their joined land. More than 4500 European municipalities joined the movement. A complete list of all the regions is available on .


Obviously the Netherlands is way behind in all this. This is partially caused by Dutch agriculture being more intensified and focused on innovation and techno-fixes in comparison to many other regions. Farmers are less tied to their land and more used to follow the technological developements force-fed by agrobusiness. But another possible reason could be that the average Dutch citizen stands even further away from the country side and food production than other European citizens.

This needs to change…
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