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Party for the Animals proposal: Amsterdam GMO free zone

Johnas van Lammeren, chairman of the Amsterdam Party for the Animals: ‘The world now functions like an open-air laboratory for an experiment of which we don’t know how it’s going to end. However we know that growing herbicide resistant GMO’s is coupled with an increased use of poison. GMO’s also threaten biodiversity. We therefore think Amsterdam should join the thousands of GMO-free regions in the European Union.’ The proposal will probably be discussed by the city council on May 29th. The meeting will be open for public and ASEED calls people to attend it to express their support for the proposal to turn Amsterdam into a GMO free zone. As the succesful Nijmegen GMO free citizen initiative illustrates, broad citizens support is crucial for such a proposal to reach a majority in the council en to be implemented by the local authorities.

It is available in pdf in Dutch.

PvdD press release in Dutch.