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Programme for Food Autonomy Festival #5

Finally, the program for the FAF#5 is out!!!

For Utrecht and Wageningen you will need to register beforehand and spots are limited, so make sure to sign up in time:) We are very happy to be able to make this happen and want to keep it Covid-19 safe. Please find more info on this here and also remember checking out all the sessions you can follow online.

Opening Sessions on Friday 4th June

On Friday 4th we will kick off the FAF with a an Joint Online Opening Session for all cities followed by an Immersive Food Journey (online) guided by Mama D (find more information on the Amsterdam program page). Spots for the Food Journey are limited and requires some preparation so makes sure to register and come prepared (https://forms.gle/faYebDTppnX66n2TA.). After the and a film screening with discussion (online). 

This Year’s Themes are:

? Decolonizing food systems 
This year we will focus on decolonization of oppressive food systems, by talking about practices like land-grabbing, monocultures, GMOs, commodification of food, industrial agriculture, animal farming and modern slavery as well as the revolutions and resistance that has been led by the Native, indigenous people, people of color, and women, to regenerate our relationship with food and ecosystems. 

? Regenerative agriculture through practices
We will get our hands dirty in the practical workshops to learn about regenerative agriculture and educate ourselves about urban-rural farming connections, soil regeneration, agricultural justice, and any other farming practices aiming for dismantling the industrial agricultural system. 

? Roots and fruits of resistance
We will also have a look in the ways of raising voices and taking actions that have been used in the past and we will dream about what would be possible in the future to resist, build and care for our communities.