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SEEDmail #21 – May 2012

Agriculture Action Camp “Food back into our own hands”

of July, somewhere in the South of The Netherlands. It will have a more international character than last year, specifically inviting people from neighbouring countries to come. Like last year, the camp program will be filled with workshops, actions and discussions, some more space for practical workshops and trainings this time! And of course fun and ‘gezelligheid’. More info below and on http://www.landbouwactiekamp.net


16-19 May in Frankfurt (D): Support food sovereignty, support Blockupy

From 16 till 19 of May people from all over Europe will protest in Frankfurt against the role of banks and the billions that are being spent to support those bonus-receivers. While everywhere hardcore budget cuts are applied to social services. Also the European movement for food sovereignty supports the protests because a social and sustainable agriculture does not go together with the current economic system.

Read more: https://www.aseed.net/new/en/foodsovereignty/in-the-news/1060-blockupy

20 May in Amsterdam: ASEED Info night on Agriculture Action camp and anti-GMO actions

Update on the camp preparations, latest GMO news and on ASEED’s GMO action campaign plans. Usefull for whoever wants to join (now or at a later stage). Start: 20:00, in Joe´s Garage, Pretoriusstraat 43, Amsterdam.

21 May in Wageningen: Informative event Beyond the commoditization of knowledge: Rethinking science and society relations

About the role of science in society. Also biotechnology will come up in the discussion. Organised by Boerengroep, with as one of the speakers the fired Belgian activist Barbara van Dyck. In English. Read more: http://www.boerengroep.nl/grassroots-science

26-28 May in Appelscha: Pinksterlanddagen with ASEED workshops on food sovereignty and GMO actions

Besides these two ASEED activities, this annual anarchist gathering has many more interesting stuff on the programme. Check out here: http://www.pinksterlanddagen.nl.

9 June in Amsterdam: Screening Reclaim the Seeds video

During the Reclaim the seeds weekend a number of speakers and organisers were interviewed for this informative video reportage. The première will take place at the Valreep in Amsterdam (end of Polderweg), after a workday at the Valreep community garden. Language: Dutch, no subtitles, live translation if necessary http://valreep.wordpress.com/tuintjes/

11 June in Wageningen: Evening about seed sovereignty

Like the event on May 21, this evening is part of the grassroots science series of Boerengroep. In English. Read more: http://www.boerengroep.nl/grassroots-science

23-24 June: ‘Lekker naar de Boer’ weekend

Weekend in which many organic farms in the Netherlands open their doors for visitors, with activities. To reach food sovereignty, direct contact between consumers and producers is essential. This is your change to visit a farm near you. Check out http://www.lekkernaardeboer.nl

5-10 July: Agriculture Action Camp (NL) “Food back in our own hands”

Also this year ASEED is involved in the organisation of another agriculture action camp in The Netherlands. Do you know where your food comes from? Do you also want to take food production back in your own hands and help shorten the chain between consumer and farmer? Do you want to know more about the struggle against GMOs and industrial agriculture that is dominated by big companies? Do you want to organise actions against the meat industry and the import of feed? Are you also interested in producing your own food in a sustainable, climate-neutral, autonomous and social way? And not afraid of getting dirty hands in a workshop?

Then mark your agendas and make sure to keep July 5-10 free!

The preparation group can use help with organisational things but also practical jobs! Want to help to spread posters and flyers, arrange materials, prepare actions, give or organise workshops or other things? Please contact landbouwactiekamp@aseed.net.

Updates on program, location and practical side of participating will be published on http://www.landbouwactiekamp.net

3-8 August in Leuven (B): Climate Action camp

Main theme this year is the dubious role of banks in climate change. Read more: http://www.climate-justice-action.be

3-12 August in Mannheim near Cologne (G): Climate camp AusgeCO2hlt

Part of the campaigns against brown coal infrastructures. Read more: http://www.ausgeco2hlt.de/aktionen/klimacamp-vom-03-12-08-2012

New information materials

Brochure ‘Towards Food Sovereignty – we can build another food system’

Coming up soon in Dutch and English, the final versions of this new ASEED publication. It explains the concept of food sovereignty as launched by the international peasant movement La Via Campesina, highlights its importance as an alternative to industrial agriculture and describes developments in the Netherlands and Europe that can contribute to achieving it.

DVD ‘Farmer to farmer’

ASEED added Dutch subtitles to this video report of a British farmer’s visit to US colleagues growing genetically modified crops. With examples from their daily practice the report provides a sobering view on the situations these farmers have to deal with. In the end the question is: should farmers in Europe follow in their shoes? Already available on http://vanboertotboer.tk/ but soon also on DVD.

In retrospect

Civil disobedience and healthy gardening to preserve seeds diversity – report Reclaim the Seeds weekend
We had anticipated a busy Reclaim the Seeds event on the 10th and 11thof March. Beforehand we received responses from the most unexpected angels. But the hundreds of people filling Plantagedok in Amsterdam surpassed all expectations. From the Netherlands and elsewhere people were exchanging, giving away, and trading rare and endangered seeds, beans and tubers. It was very inspiring to see and a good step towards preserving the increasingly threatened diversity of food crops. Also the second objective of the weekend came out really well: many amateur gardeners and people interested in specific crops were also flocking to the workshops and debate. Topics covered include the struggle against patents and other European regulations that benefit big agri-businesses.

Read more: https://www.aseed.net/new/en/seeds/activities/1040-succesful-reclaim-the-seeds

ZAD: Reclaim the Fields of planned airport in France

The French state and the large building company Vinci want to build a new airport to be able to pollute more and to increase the speed up oil depletion. And of course to make money. A lot of agriculture land will disappear for the project. To block this plan the area is been occupied by a large group of people. The land occupation is called ZAD. They started to work the land to contribute to local food supply, creating regional food sovereignty. Read more: https://www.aseed.net/new/en/foodsovereignty/in-the-news/1058-actions-at-land-occupation-in-notre-dame-des-landes

GMOs in Ghent

The courtcase against 11 potato activists that participated in the ‘potato swap action’ of the FLM (Field Liberation Movement) started last Tuesday, May 8, at the court of Dendermonde (B). On may 29, 2011, 400 protesters from various countries marched to a trial field of the Flemish Institute for Biotechonology (VIB) and the Ghent University. A number of them attempted to replace the GM potatoes with organic siblings, destroying about one third of the field. On May 9, the GM protest movement continued their actions with a citizens inspection of Biotech Valley in Zwijnaarde (Gent, B). Strolling through Biotech Valley the FLM inspected with about 100 participants a field trial with GM poplars of the VIB, Bayer’s greenhouses, and the nature of the cooperation between VUB, Ghent University and BASF Plant Science. A small delegation of ASEED made a theatrical performance to explain the connections between BASF, Dutch agriculture university of Wageningen WUR, and Biotech Valley in Ghent.

Read more: https://www.aseed.net/new/en/nieuws-gentech-128/1059-gmo-aardappelrechtszaak-en-burgerinspectie-biotech-valley-gent

More reports and background articles can be found on our website https://www.aseed.net

We hope to meet at one of above events. And if not, then till next SEEDmail.

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