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SEEDmail #22 – June 2012

Maybe see you @ the camp, and otherwise, till the next SEEDmail.


Agriculture Action Camp 2012
back in our own hands’

July 5-10

ASEED is organizing a second agriculture action camp from 5th till the 10th of July in Den Bosch, Netherlands. The camp will involve workshops, trainings, discussions, and action, for good ecological initiatives, an alternative food chain, alternatives to industrial farming, and against gen tech and meat industry, and more. We invite activists, slow-foodies, farmers, gardeners, students, animal friends and anybody else who wants to learn more about sustainable and unsustainable agriculture practices. This year we expect more participants from neighboring countries. Therefore there will be more possibilities to talk about international campaigns on issues such as food sovereignty, protection of free seeds and access to land. Mark your agendas and join in!

Sneak preview
We are getting closer to the date it is all going to start, the location will be in the city of Den Bosch (or ‘s Hertogenbosch) in and around a squatted community garden project Graafse Hof situated in a residential area in the East of the city. The workshop program is amongst other things: GMO update by Greenpeace, GMO field liberation movements by FLM Belgium, introduction into different forms of sustainable agriculture (biodynamic, agroecology, permaculture), seed saving, natural plague control and healthy soil in your veggie garden, getting to know your gardening tools, action trainings by Vredesactie, tractor driving, talks with and working with farmers, food sovereignty: what does it mean, European movement, concrete examples, and the WWF-critical documentary ¨The silence of the Panda¨. The program starts on Thursday 5th in the evening and goes on till Monday 9th July. Tuesday 10th is for evaluation and start of breakdown.

Updates on program, location and more practical issues can be found at:

Want get involved?
We still need people to help the kids program and organize the kids area in the camp, people to help us with practical stuff such as the infrastructure preparations of the camp, with setting it up on the 4th and with breaking it down afterwards, and people that can translate and edit texts, (NL, ENG, D mainly) and facilitate workshops.

Updates on program, location and practical issues can be found at: www.landbouwactiekamp.net.

Want to give a Workshop?
Want to come and give a workshop yourself? Great! We are particularly interested to hear about reclaim the fields land occupation actions, or similar campaigns/initiatives going on, as well as the Reclaim the fields movement in general. Also looking for someone who can tell us more about the European Campaign for Seed Sovereignty. But anything relevant, you’re welcome to propose.

Saturday 7th July, 13.00
Info stalls @ Mini alternative agro fair

On Saturday we want to focus on getting more mainstream people to participate in the camp. The workshops are more introductory and there will be a small fair. Want to have a stall to spread materials from your project or action group? Let us know.

Saturday 7th July, 20.00

Networking @ Worldcafe
Saturday night we will turn a tent into a nice cafe, where everyone can come to exchange ideas and experiences. Organizations, initiatives and individuals have the opportunity to reserve a table where people can sit around to have informal conversations. Want to have a table for your project/initiative/campaign? Read more here: http://landbouwactiekamp.contrast.org/?page_id=181

Monday 9th July

Action day
Monday July 9 will have a focus on doing one or more actions. Possible targets/topics are mentioned in the call out from before. During the camp the participants will decide collectively what the goal will be.

Finances & travel costs reimbursements
We have some funding for the camp but not enough to cover all costs. So we will ask participants for a contribution of 7,50 if you come 1 day, and less per day if you stay longer (see the website under practicalities). We have a limited amount of money to (partially) cover travel costs from people coming from abroad AND who will help construct the camp on the 4th of July and/or help to break it down on the 11th. Let us know if you want to come and help, and travel costs are an issue. If you can travel on one of these dates, we can probably reimburse (some) costs.

Cheers and hope to see all of you @ Den Bosch.


Farmer to Farmer

M.Hart, GB 2011, 26 min.

The film follows Michael Hart, a conventional livestock family farmer has been farming in Cornwall for nearly 30 years, as he investigates the reality of farming genetically modified crops in the USA, 10 years after their introduction. He travels across the US interviewing farmers and other specialists about their experiences of growing GM. It’s a topical film at a time of renewed moves to introduce GM crops to the UK and growing resistance.

Do you want to get the DVD or are you interested to organize a movie screening yourself? Get in touch with us: Infomail ASEED


Rio+20, UN-Corporate+10

Twenty years after the first Earth Summit, the UN conference about sustainability, Rio​+20, is again taking place in Rio de Janeiro. ASEED was founded around that time as a reaction to that conference. Back then, environmental issues were popular to address. Many believed that decisions being made at that top would actually change something and would lead to a more sustainable world with less victims of environmental pollution. Although most problems are bigger than ever, so is the urge and motivation to keep dealing with them.

A decade ago, ASEED launched the UN-Corporate campaign to draw attention on the way the corporate world abuses the environment and such UNsummits for their own gains and profits. Many products and practices were suddenly called to be ¨green¨. Good for profit, bad for environment. International agreements over climate and biodiversity are influenced in such a way that no effective measures can be taken against industrial production, world trade and profit making.

Now the circus of Rio is back! The climate is still changing for the worse, more CO2 is reaching the atmosphere, many species are extinct or are at the verge of extinction, forests are disappearing and monocultures are standard agricultural practice. The UN is under growing influence of large corporations. Memebers of Dutch parliament are boycotting the summit because the hotelrooms are too expensive. Is that something to get upset about? At this very moment, the UN conference is not a campaign focus of ASEED, though it is important to mention it and to draw attention to this circus.

Links and more on: https://www.aseed.net/new/nl/voedselsoevereiniteit/in-het-nieuws/1070-rio20-thatis-uncorporate10


Reclaim the Seeds!

Reports from the Seed exchange weekend

Video footage: http://vimeo.com/43826635


It is time for food sovereignty

The new brochure is ready!!!

Food is in. More and more people want to know where their food comes from and how it is produced. Local initiatives to grow your own food or to consume local products are becoming more and more popular. In other words: Food sovereignty…

ASEED has recently published a new brochure about food sovereignty. In the brochure, you will find explanations on what is wrong with today´s agricultural practices and food chains and how food sovereignty can deliver alternatives. Examples of initiatives and how you can contribute to sovereignty in the Netherlands are given.

Download the new brochure: https://www.aseed.net/new/nl/voedselsoevereiniteit/achtergrond/1069-itistimeforfoodsovereignty.

Want to know more?

May 2nd in Utrecht members of existing and candidate Versvokos participated in an information evening concerning juridical and financial aspects of cooperatives and collectives. Some experts supplied information on VAT, other taxes and on types of legal personality. The report and background information can be obtained by mailing to Versvoko’s ASEED

On the 29th July, ASEED will give a lecture about food sovereignty at Eetbaar Park in Den Haag.


If you are interested in participating in a workshop about practical and theoretical aspects of food sovereignty, you are welcome at the workshop given by Rob Bleijerveld (ASSED) and Gerrit Barnard (Platform Aarde-Boer-Consument) on Saturday 8 Juli from 10:30 h. during the agriculture actioncamp in Den Bosch. http://landbouwactiekamp.contrast.org/?page_id=332.

Or come to the workshop about climate change and food sovereignty on the Saturday 4 August at the Climate Action Camp in Leuven, Belgium. http://www.climaxi.be/node/149


New (A)Seedling wanted!

We are looking for two activism-campaign experienced colleagues in 2013 working through the EVS program (European Voluntary Service). Graphic designers are also much needed! Are you 30 years or younger, do you speak English and preferably another European language, and would like to join our group? Get in touch with us at Info ASEED


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