Monsanto en haar vrienden

Toespraak door Tjerk Dalhuisen van op 25 juni 2013 bij aanvang van de March Against Monsanto te Wageningen. We demonstreren hier vandaag tegen Monsanto. De meest extreme en agressieve vertegenwoordiger van … verder lezen

The Big Potato Swap

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Biotech’s 10 biggest PR disasters of 2012

2012 was the year the lights came up on the biotech industry. Its claims, its tactics and its products all came under scrutiny and some of its biggest PR fairytales bit the dust. Here are some prime examples listed by GM watch
verder lezen heeft je steun nodig is dè Nederlandstalige website met (kritisch) nieuws & informatie over genetische manipulatie in landbouw en voedselvoorziening. We bereiken 5.000 tot 9.000 bezoekers per maand. De website is een belangrijke bron van … verder lezen

GM crops created superweed, say scientists

Modified genes from crops in a GM crop trial have transferred into local wild plants, creating a form of herbicide-resistant “superweed”.
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What’s wrong with GMOs

A list of sometimes scary facts that show that genetic engineering isn’t as harmless as the industry would like you to think.

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ASEEDs position on GMOs

ASEED rejects the genetic modification of our food in any way whatsoever. For several years now, we have been concerned about developments in this field, for a variety of reasons: economic consequences for farmers, corporate influence, damage to biodiversity and ‘the unknown dangers’.
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GM foods: the need for tightening the EU rules

By Geert Ritsema, GMO campaigner Greenpeace International

Over the last decade European consumers and their organizations have successfully influenced EU policy on genetically modified (GM) foods. Milestones such as a mandatory labelling and traceability system for GM ingredients have been achieved. But, according to Geert Ritsema of  Greenpeace International,  it would be a mistake to assume that the battle over GM foods has been won and that consumer’s interests have been secured.


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GE insect resistant (Bt) maize in Europe

One of the types of genetically manipulated maize being grown in Europe os so-called BT maize. This is also the type of GM maize being used in the Dutch coexistence experiment in 2006-2007. Greenpeace has recently published a briefing on all the arguments for stopping this crop.


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Report Impossible Coexistence

Seven years of GMO’s have contaminated organic and conventional maize: an examination of the cases in Catalonia and Aragon. This investigation by the Catalonian Farmers Assembly, Greenpeace and the Platform Transgenics out! … verder lezen

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