Bezwaren tegen voorstel EC voor EU zadenwetgeving

Brief aan de leden van de Vaste Kamercommissie voor Economische zaken voorafgaand aan hun debat over de Europese voorstellen. In mei 2013 is de Europese Commissie met een voorstel gekomen voor de … verder lezen

Volop zaden, discussie, actie en toekomstplannen tijdens geslaagd Reclaim the Seeds 2013

Op 2 en 3 maart 2013 vond in Den Bosch het tweede Reclaim the Seeds Zadenweekend plaats. De zadenbeurs op zaterdag was goed bezocht en ook het workshopprogramma verliep succesvol.

2-3 maart 2013, Den Bosch: Reclaim the Seeds weekend

The aims of the weekend are to preserve biodiversity in food crops and to support gardeners and organizations who are active in this area. The use and trade of self-saved seeds is … verder lezenverder lezen

‘Sowing the future’ for a GMO free agriculture

In 2006 the Swiss BD-farmers Ueli Hurter and Peter Kunz launched the project to actively involve people in the source of our food: seeds. Another objective is to raise awareness about the … verder lezenverder lezen

Docu: Mother Earth – a new future for small farmers

Mother Earth is a very inspiring documentary by the Dutch filmmakers Paul Enkelaar and Jan Paul Smit. Central theme of this documentary is the development of small-scale organic agriculture in Andhra Pradesh, … verder lezen

Verslag van het ‘Reclaim the Seeds’-weekend 2012

Dat het druk zou gaan worden bij het Reclaim the Seeds zadenweken op 10 en 11 maart hadden we wel verwacht. We kregen vooraf reacties uit de meest onverwachte hoeken. Maar de … verder lezenverder lezen

Monsanto zoekt problemen

ImagePatent inspection at ‘Come into the Greenhouse’ event’

Flevoland, March 27, 2010 – Today a CSI Crime Seed Investigation unit visited several greenhouses at the national event Come into the Greenhouse visualising what the future may look like: world’s largest seed company Monsanto will check growers for the presence of suspicious crops and  prevent them from using patented seeds or accuse them of patent breach. With this action A SEED wants to draw attention to the international campaign ‘No Patents On Seeds’ against applying patent law on seeds and animals.
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Inspectiegroep onthult Monsanto’s verborgen agenda

ImageNovember 2nd 2010, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands – Today around thirty climate conscious citizens paid a visit to the main premises of international agri-chemical giant Monsanto in the Netherlands. The aim was to find clues about the company's hidden agenda. Their suspicions were aroused by the company's new claims to feed and fuel the world, which somehow do not match Monsanto’s current atrocious human rights and environmental record.… verder lezen

Succesvolle blokkade van Monsanto bij Bergschenhoek

ImageOn May 17 2010 about 40 persons of the action group 'Roundup Monsanto' blocked both gates of the Monsanto seed company in Bergschenhoek (near Rotterdam). 'Roundup Monsanto' wants Monsanto to back out of the seed market, and demand an end to patents on seeds and living organisms. Monsanto and other agro-chemical multinationals are lobbying the Dutch government and the EU for legislative changes that would make it easier for large companies to take control of the seed market and food production.[1] The blockade took place at the former De Ruiter Seeds, acquired by Monsanto in 2008, where research laboratories, offices, greenhouses, and a central storage for seeds and seedlings are to be found.… verder lezen

UPDATE – Seed Business infotour

..everything you ever wanted to know..


The whole months of April A SEED toured through the Netherlands and Belgium with info activities about the gobbling practices of seed multinationals and the growing counter movement of protest groups and alternative food and seed projects. We will continue into May. Towns we will visit (again): Wapserveen (May 1), Amsterdam (May 3), The Hague (May 11) and Zwolle (May 12) & Nijmegen (June 2 – TBC).
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