Food Autonomy Festival: Sowing Solidarity, Nurturing Resistance, Harvesting Autonomy

Now that the month of May has come, the Food Autonomy Festival (FAF) is getting closer. Currently, we are in the process of organizing the 6th edition of the festival. We look … verder lezen

Peasant Agroecology according to ECVC

European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) has published a new article in which some ASEED comrade has been participating for the last 6 months. They develop in it their “vision of peasant agroecology, … verder lezen

EXTENDED DEADLINE: ESC Positions available for the Fossil Free Agriculture Campaign- Apply Now!

Phew, the Food Autonomy Festival was lots of work! But luckily for you, this means that you have another whole week to apply to ASEED! In case you missed the last deadline … verder lezen

Food systems at war

How does the Ukrainian war impacts industrial food systems and food security?  The abrupt stop of the export of wheat, corn, and sunflower oil –the most significant products in global trade coming … verder lezen

Ecosocialist Encounters

ASEED attended the 5th edition of the Ecosocialist Encounters in Lisbon, January 2022. Here’s some food for thought!  

Who are the activists fighting for system change around COP26?

Get to know some of the inspiring activists and organizations fighting for System Change around the COP26. … verder lezen

COP26 – What happened on a grassroots level?

Read about what happened during the COP26 on a grassroots level. The COP is an amazing opportunity for the Climate Justice movement to grow stronger and make global connections.… verder lezen

COP26 – What happened? – FAQ

Learn about what happened at the COP26, the outcomes of the negotiations and how they will impact our food systems.… verder lezen

The struggle of preserving the Lutkemeerpolder – Updates

An update on recent events in and around the Lutkemeerpolder.… verder lezen

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