The land belongs to those who cultivate it

This is a text from the newsletter from Longo maï. We think that it is interesting enough for a wider distribution In the beginning of June, our cooperatives in the South of … verder lezen

Efforts towards free seeds in Colombia

For three years now, the Longo Maï cooperatives have been working together with the network ’Guardianes de Semillas de Vida’ (Guardians of the seeds of life) in Colombia. In the letter below, … verder lezen

Agriculture, a topic forgotten from the climate conferences

From the 6th to the 17th of November 2017, ASEED will focus its attention on Bonn. During two weeks, the German city will welcome the COP23 and the most influential people of … verder lezen

Reclaim the Seeds: save the dates for 2018

24 februari Rotterdam; 3 maart Amsterdam; 10 maart ergens in Vlaanderen. Er werd ons al door vele mensen gevraagd of er al een plek en datum bekend is voor een volgend Reclaim … verder lezen

Save De Boterbloem and keep the agriculture in Amsterdam

[This article about a threatened organic farm in Amsterdam only exists in Dutch] Aan de westelijke rand van Amsterdam ligt nog één akkerbouwbedrijf: De Boterbloem. Al generaties lang wordt hier door de … verder lezen

ASEED is from now on active on Diaspora as well

It would be strange to have your preparation meeting for the next climate actions at McDonald’s. And we also don’t cc. our contact lists and plans to the secret service. We criticise … verder lezen

Shall the burning of 24,000 pigs change anything?

[only available in Dutch] Inmiddels hebben de meeste media er wel over bericht: donderdagavond 27 juli brandde de mega-varkensstal van Adrianus Straathof bij Erichem af, met daarin naar schatting zo’n 24.000 varkens. … verder lezen

SEEDmail #41 – Code Red for the summer, but don’t forget to smear the cream

Code Red in the Amsterdam harbour. This time not because of the hot weather but because of the presence of a large coal terminal. Because of this Amsterdam is still contributing excessively … verder lezen

Cycle Ende Gelände 2017

From August 16 till 22 activists will be cycling from London via Hoek van Holland to the climate camp in the Rhineland to take international action against climate injustice! This August, people … verder lezen

Update 15th Garden and Syria

Since the Reclaim the Seeds festival last March (2017) ASEED is in good contact with The 15th Garden, a network for Food Sovereignty in Syria containing urban gardens in besieged cities and … verder lezen

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