Common Ground in Bulgaria

In July 2004 an international meeting on food and farming took place in
Bulgaria. The aim of this event was to network,
inspire, share experiences, be challenged and find a ‘common ground’
amongst environmentalists, farmers and activists from across Europe.
And we succeded in this quite well. Read more in the report on this
site about the meeting and the action we did in Plovdiv to get
attention for the dangers with the new Bulgarian law on GMOs.

Support Portuguese anti-GM activists

Portugese GM activists need your support. Please sign the petition in Solidarity with Movimento Verde Eufémia.

Gene Seeks Farmer: film- & debate tour

This Saturday A SEEDs new documentary "Gene Seeks Farmer" was presented in the Balie, Amsterdam. After there was a good debate, with panel members Michel Haring, Krista van Velzen, Maaike Raaijmakers en Lidy Demunter. Illustrating the controversy around the introduction of GMO crops, the film challenges farmers, representatives and a … verder lezen

Food Sovereignty

sovereignty is the
peoples’, Countries’ or State Unions’ RIGHT to define their
agricultural and food policy, without any dumping vis-à-vis
third countries. Below you finda text from the small farmers and
peasants network Via Campesina explaning what food sovereignty means
and why it is so crusial a sustainable development.

Germany: 5 gmo fields sabotaged in 3 weeks time

Last summer activist attacked four fields with GE maize and one with GE potato in Germany in such a way that the crops could b not be used any further. Below you can find an overview of these “field liberations” based on published online stories.

Docu The Future of Food in Haarlem

Cinema Globaal presents, on Thursday 28th August 2008: The future of food – An impressive documentary about genetic engineering in the food chain by Deborah Koons Garcia. Introduction by Herman van Bekkum (Greenpeace) and discussion about what you can do yourself after the screening

Overview of GMO related petitions

The Dutch website has a partition in the agenda with all (known) petitions about genetic modification and related issues. From each petition you can find a short description and a link to the website hosting the petition. The descriptions are in Dutch but most petitions the page is referring … verder lezen

Jona and Chikito – An Apple and a Banana as environmental education

ImageA SEED has published a new booklet. One that gives attention to organic fruit. “Jona and Chikito” tells the story about an apple and a banana and the places they come from.
A Dutch apple and a Mexican banana meet each other very unexpectedly. At first they are frightened, but they quickly discover that they've both just had a very long and tiring journey. Why did they travel so far and what all has happened to them?
This story takes a look at industrialised agriculture and is appropriate for both young and older children.

German anti-gmo calendar 2009

Larger than A3, spetacular photos, and exciting background texts – that's how a new German calendar 2009 presents itself, documenting on 13 pages a variety of field occupations, field liberations, and counter sowing actions.

“Boeren en Gentech” in Filmhuis Cavia

Drie documentaires over de invloed van gentechniek op het boerenbedrijf. Donderdag 10 en vrijdag 11 april, met sprekers en debat.

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