Screening The Future of Food in Den Haag

On Monday 31st of March De Haagse Pook will screen the documentary The Future of Food in De Paardenberg (Julianakerk). Before the screening there is the possibility to have a nice gmo free meal. More information

German field liberator imprisoned

ImageAnd released again!!
The bee-keeper Michael Grolm is the first ‘liberator’ of a gmo-field who went to jail in Germany because of his action. When he gave himself in on Thursday August 27 2009 he was accompanied by 200 anti-gm-activists, many bee-keepers and 10 tractors. After his release after 27 days in jail he Michael reponded: “Politicians can capture GM-opposants, but they can’t capture the gm pollen. By taking hostage activists the anti-gmo movement is only made stronger.” In the meanwhile another gm-activist has been send to jail because of a field liberation: Christian Pratz. On the website from Gendreck-Weg! you can find out how you can support him.

Screening The Future of Food

On Monday 31st of March the workgroup Environment in the Eastern Innercity in Amsterdam will screen the documentary The Future of Food in the oval hall of the Oosterkerk on Wittenburg.

Update GENTECH.NL – SEPT 2009

The last few months GENTECH.NL, the Dutch critical news and info site on GMOs in agriculture and consumer goods, published news items on topics like fields trials in the Netherlands, the certification proecess of 'responsible' soy, criticism from concerned scientists in Europe, and more. Also the agenda and the petitions sections have been updated. If you have suggestions for items or relevant press releases, you are welcome to e-mail to AT New items since May 2009:

Banner Action at GM Soy Conference

Land reforms! NO Steakholder Conferences!

Amsterdam – Today, Image A SEED Europe held a picket-line at a conference on genetically modified soy. The objective of the meeting was to discuss sustainability risks and benefits of GM soy and to formulate management options for companies.  A SEED reminded participants upon arrival that not only is GM still controversial, but so is large-scale soy production in general. A SEED did not participate in the conference itself because the announcement made clear that in our eyes crucial poignant issues in the (GM) soy debate were not open for discussion. The organisors want to have a dialogue with the soy industry and that is impossible if the use of GM crops or production reduction are on the table. Read more in below press release on the conference and the criticism of the peasant movements in the south and critical organisatons in the north.

Pictures of earlier Genespotting actions

Also in 2003 and 2004 A SEED brought a visit to some GM test fields. At that time it was about potatoe fields in the north of the Netherlands. Here you find some pictures to give you an impression.

Anti-GMO acitivists in Portugal prosecuted for ‘ecoterrorism’

On August 17th 2007 Movimento Verde Eufémia gathered in Herdade da Lameira, Silves, in the GM Free Region of the Algarve. In a symbolic but determined act they destroyed less than 1 hectare of the first field of geneogm-naotically modified corn in this GM Free Region. This case became a huge topic in Portugal, having severe repression by the media and authorities and government. More than two years of criminal investigations gone by, and now 3 activists will be taken to court in January 2010. They need your solidarity!

Genetic Modification: Blessing or Fatal Error?

Sunday February 15 Hagen and Adrienne Jonker from the Friesch village Appelscha organised an afternoon  in the community center of Ravenswoud about genetic engineering in the food chain. ASEEDs film Farmer and The Gene as an introduction followed by 3 lectures and ending with a public discussion.

Anti-G8 bicycle caravan active against Dutch GM test fields

On Friday May 4 the Gr8chaoskaravaan – one of six bicycle caravans against the G8 summit in Germany – together with A SEED carried out a protest action against a planned test field with genetically manipulated maize by Pioneer in the dutch town of Werkendam. The caravan finds it outrageous that the municipality has not been properly informed about the test field in advance.


click for bigger version 

Leaving a message on the sidewalk 


Gr8chaoskaravaan gegen Genfelder in NL

New Dutch initiative: Citizens for GMO-free food

In the Dutch town Nijmegen a new initiative against GE in our food has been launched: Citizens for GMO-free food. This Platform for critical consumers (and companies) wants to make a powerful statement towards to municipal council: “We want a GMO free Nijmegen!!” Therefore the group set up a petition, … verder lezen

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