Agro-Active in a Changing Climate

ImageIn the past months A SEED has been active within the climate action movement. We saw this as a side step of our agriculture and soy campaign. Agriculture, and particularly meat production and live stock farming has huge impact on climate change. On the other side are small farmers in many Southern countries among the first groups that are negatively affected by the effects of climate change. In the months before and during the UN Climate Summit (COP15) in Copenhagen there has been a lot of attention for the issue. It was A SEEDs goals to get make agriculture part of the radical climate discourse. We have done this by publishing texts, organising actions and by being actively involved in the international mobilisation for the summit.
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Locations Dutch Field Trials 2008

This year there have been a lot of applications and approvals for potato and maize field trial permissions. On the website of VROM , the Dutch Ministry of Environment, you can see in which municipalities those field trials are. (Click on “Locaties Veldproeven”)

An overview of the locations of the field trial applications in 2008 with maize you can see on the website of Greenpeace.
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Debate on genetic manipulation in agriculture: Blessing or Nightmare?

Image Debate in Assen, 2nd of June, 19h30, Assen (de Schalm). (info in dutch:)
In Assen organiseren SP Drenthe, D66 in Drenthe, Natuur en milieugroep Midden Drenthe en L.T.O. noord een debat over genetische manipulatie in de landbouw op maandag 2 juni . Sprekers zijn: Jan Mulder (VVD Europarlementariër), Krista van Velzen (SP Tweede kamerlid), Michel Haring (Universiteit van Amsterdam), Peter Bruinenberg (AVEBE), Maaike Raaijmakers (Biologica) en Jan Storms. De avond begint om 19u30 (deuren open vanaf 19h) in de Schalm. De documentaire "Gen Zoekt Boer" wordt vertoond, en er is een gastoptreden van Wieteke van Dort met harpmuziek van Mona Moog. … verder lezen

Eternal Mash, 29 mei

ode to the crop

At the 29th of May at 22.50 p.m. the documentary Eternal Mash (Catherine van Campen) will be broadcasted on Dutch public television (Ned2). At the same time the movie is broadcasted there will be an international convention on biological diversity in Bonn (Germany). More than 5,000 delegates from all over the world will visit Bonn to discuss the protection and the preservation of species and habitats, a sustainable use of biological diversity as well as a fair distribution of access and exploitation.
The importance of preservation of species is Ruurd his message as well.
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Direct resistance against GMO-fields in Germany

So far, 7 GMO fields have been squatted and the cultivation of at least 3 other fields have been prevented by destruction, sabotage and public protests this year. It looks like the German anti-GMO-movement is on the upswing.
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Gene Seeks Farmer: film- & debate tour

This Saturday A SEEDs new documentary "Gene Seeks Farmer" was presented in the Balie, Amsterdam. After there was a good debate, with panel members Michel Haring, Krista van Velzen, Maaike Raaijmakers en … verder lezen

Food Sovereignty

sovereignty is the
peoples’, Countries’ or State Unions’ RIGHT to define their
agricultural and food policy, without any dumping vis-à-vis
third countries. Below you finda text from the small farmers and
peasants network Via Campesina explaning what food sovereignty means
and why it is so crusial a sustainable development.
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Germany: 5 gmo fields sabotaged in 3 weeks time

Last summer activist attacked four fields with GE maize and one with GE potato in Germany in such a way that the crops could b not be used any further. Below you can find an overview of these “field liberations” based on published online stories.
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Docu The Future of Food in Haarlem

Cinema Globaal presents, on Thursday 28th August 2008: The future of food – An impressive documentary about genetic engineering in the food chain by Deborah Koons Garcia. Introduction by Herman van Bekkum (Greenpeace) and discussion about what you can do yourself after the screening

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German anti-gmo calendar 2009

Larger than A3, spetacular photos, and exciting background texts – that's how a new German calendar 2009 presents itself, documenting on 13 pages a variety of field occupations, field liberations, and counter sowing actions. … verder lezen

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