Anti-G8 bicycle caravan active against Dutch GM test fields

On Friday May 4 the Gr8chaoskaravaan – one of six bicycle caravans against the G8 summit in Germany – together with A SEED carried out a protest action against a planned test field with genetically manipulated maize by Pioneer in the dutch town of Werkendam. The caravan finds it outrageous that the municipality has not been properly informed about the test field in advance.


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Leaving a message on the sidewalk 


Gr8chaoskaravaan gegen Genfelder in NLverder lezen

New Dutch initiative: Citizens for GMO-free food

In the Dutch town Nijmegen a new initiative against GE in our food has been launched: Citizens for GMO-free food. This Platform for critical consumers (and companies) wants to make a powerful … verder lezen

Throw Genetic Engineering Overboard! – boat tour 2005 report

From the 3rd until the 15th of August 2005, a group of activists toured around the northern provinces of the Netherlands calling upon municipalities and farmers to declare their regions gm-free. The tour stopped at Den Helder, Texel, Terschelling, Harlingen, Leeuwarden, Emmeloord, Enkhuizen and Lelystad.


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Update GENTECH.NL – DEC 2009

Since the last update GENTECH.NL, the Dutch critical news and info site on GMOs in agriculture and consumer goods, published news items on the Benbrook study which showed an increase in pesticide use related to GE crops, contamination troubles for rice, soy and flex, the carefully pro-GMO orchestrated GMO Conference 2009 in The Hague, and last but not least, the new GMO free labels showing up in Europe. All to AT New items since May 2009:

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Dutch GMO Free Zones conference well attended

ImageAbout 60 persons attended the Dutch conference about gmo-free zones that took place in the venue Boerderij Mereveld in Utrecht on February 4. The event, organised by Greenpeace Netherlands, organic chain representative Biologica, and A SEED, informed about the opportunities and limitations for creating gmo-free zones in the Netherlands. Participants formed a varied group consisting of farmers, provincial politicans, policy makers, activists, and concerned citizens.… verder lezen

“GMO of the fields!”, report on anti-GMO action in Drimmelen

On saturday June 24rd over 50 environmental activists visited a field with genetically modified Bt-Maize at Hooge Zwaluwe in the municipality of Drimmelen (in the south-west of the Netherlands). Supported by a sambaband and a batallion of the clown army CLOLONEL they informed the local population on the presence of the GM corn. The official purpose of the GM field is to measure contamination of regular corn at 25 meters distance.… verder lezen

The Angry Mermaid Winner is… Monsanto

Image December 15, 2009  – The winner of the Angry Mermaid Award 2009 for worst corporate climate lobbyist in Copenhagen is biotech giant Monsanto with 37 per cent of the total vote. Award-winning writer and journalist Naomi Klein announced the news at the UN climate talks in the Danish capital [1]. Agriculture giant Monsanto was nominated for promoting its genetically modified (GM) crops as a solution to climate change and pushing for its crops to be used as biofuels. The expansion of GM soy in Latin America is contributing to major deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.
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Activists inspect GM maize in Blitterswijck

Last saturday 22nd of July, 15 activists of XminY and Aseed held a public action at the field with genetically modified maize in Blitterswijck in the south of The Netherlands. The purpose of the inspection was to investigate the correctness of the information regarding the field trial given by the authorities and the research institute. The civil inspectors also took soil samples and provided information to the local villagers.

measuring the distance between gm- and receptor field

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Let’€™s liberate diversity!

ImageFarmers and activists protest against new EU-regulation for seeds. A call for action and alternatives.

Against the background of an upcoming regulation on EU level, which is likely to expand corporate control over seeds, the “first link” in the food chain, initiatives and organisations that save and exchange seeds prepare for a European-wide campaign “Sowing the future – Harvesting diversity”. The 5th seminar of European Seed Initiatives from 25th till 27th March 2010 in Graz, Austria will be a central place of discussion and of planning activities to defend farmers’ rights over seeds and agricultural biodiversity.
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GMO-free March reached Brussels with 35.000 signatures for a GMO-free world

Image 43 Days after departure in Berlin the ‘GMO-free Hiking’ tour reached its goal and destinaton on July 30: Brussels. Hannes Lorenzen,  spokesperson on argiculture and rural development in the European Parliament, received 35,000 Signatures from Joseph Wilhelm, the initiator of the march, organic entrepreneur and farmer  Joseph Wilhelm. These were collected during the 6 weeks of the Genfrei Gehen-march only, to voice a widely supported call for a GMO-free world.

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