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Paris Calling! Join us to the climate summit

ASEED is getting prepared for the Climate Summit in Paris! Join us!

systemchange-not-climatechange-1000The 21st UN Climate Summit (COP21) will gather hundreds of delegations from governments in Paris from November 30 until December 11. Their goal? To come up with a magical global agreement that will deliver the ultimate solution to the Climate Crises. Our goal? To tackle the root causes of Climate Change.
We can no longer trust short-sighted solutions, influenced by private parties that try to keep alive an economic and political system in decay, at the expense of the climate. We demand that serious action is taken, and if politicians do not do it, we will do it ourselves. Join us in Paris to make this happen!

ASEED’s plans for Paris

ASEED has produced a variety of materials that draw attention to the greenwashing attempts of large corporations and their lobby organisations. As an “Guerilla against Climate Greenwashing” those materials in line with this message will spread at business fairs, inside the conference and at other spots in Paris where corporations are presenting themselves more climate friendly than they are in reality. In particular, the corporate greenwash event ‘Solutions COP21’ (which will take place in the Grand Palais from December 4th to 10th) is asking for some counter-information.

The international network of peasant organisations La Via Campesina along with some other organisations have spread a call for a “Peasant Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Day” on December 9th. ASEED will contribute to this day by organising a street event. This action should spread a clear anti-greenwashing message and should target a large corporation involved in industrial agriculture that is not willing to radically change its emitting practices. Just like many other action planned for Paris, this action will also show a red line that corporations and delegations should not cross. Our red line will focus on the devastating behaviour of industrial agriculture. The form of the event is still to be decided. It can be small, but it could become big. This will depend on the amount of help we get from other organisations and people. So this also depends on your help!

ASEED is focussing on the link between climate change and agriculture, but we are supporting all activities trying to deal with the root of the problems and support climate justice.

cop21-cityoflight3As a small action organisation ASEED is not able to organise these events alone. And we also don’t want to do this alone. We know that there are many other people with the same concerns about climate change and the current industrial agricultural system. We also know that many people would like to promote alternative ways of food production. We hope to bring those people together and work with them. Are you interested in helping out ASEED and joining us in Paris? Please contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to climate@aseed.net. Or join one of the preparation events listed below.

Transport and accommodation
Many roads lead to Paris; Trains, cheap coaches, packed small cars, hitch hiking and we even know of some people who are planning to go by bike. However to help out those still looking for transportation and who wish to travel as a group, ASEED and Groenfront are organising a bus for €50, leaving 7th December and returning 14th December. We are also arranging sleeping places in Paris. Sign up by emailing us at info@wijstoppensteenkool.nl. More practical information about the Paris mobilisation will be published later on this website.

Preparations in Amsterdam

24 October: Climate Justice Action Training: Action Training I – Plantagedok Zaal, Amsterdam
This will be a chance to develop your skills, experience and confidence to take part in the creative direct actions during COP21. Don’t miss it! Make your own actions more powerful, and more fun!
Register by sending an e-mail to: actiontrainingscop21@riseup.net

30 October – 1 November: “Power Through Paris” & Climate Justice Action Workshop Weekend – NieuwLand, Amsterdam
In coordination with similar events across the globe, GroenFront and ASEED are organising a complete weekend programme in Amsterdam: sharing stories and experiences, acquiring skills and knowledge, and planning ahead for Paris and beyond.
Sign up and more info: http://350.org/power-through-paris/

24 November: Climate Justice Action: Action Training II
Only a week before the COP21 starts! Are you ready?
A full day of workshops will give you the last minute preparations that you need to make your actions more meaningful and effective.
Register by sending an email to: actiontrainingscop21@riseup.net

Calendar of main activities during the Climate Summit

29 November: Klimaatparade Amsterdam –  Global Climate March
The day before the climate summit begins; thousands of people in different countries will take the streets, march together, and call for effective measures to face global warming. It takes all of us to change up everything. Join the Climate Justice Action Block at the Klimaatparade!

30 November: Climate Games Round I – Paris, global, and online
Theme: green-washing and lobbying in the Climate Negotiations.
More info: https://www.climategames.net/

3 December: Pinnochio Climate Awards – Paris
Which corporations are lobbying the hardest to undermine climate policies?
Which corporations are doing their best to greenwash their image?
Which corporations have the least regard for local communities?
Find out at this year’s special climate edition of the Pinocchio Awards – a glittering awards ceremony full of fun, music, special guests and truly nasty corporations.
More info: http://www.prix-pinocchio.org

4-10 December: Solutions COP 21 – Grand Palais Paris
capturing-cop21‘Solutions COP21’ is a big corporate greenwash event organised by Club France Développement Durable and Comité 21. Both are so-called “sustainable development” networks – but their members include companies with bad records of human rights and environmental abuse. This events is a good location for some actions against greenwashing.
More info in a brochure from Corporate Europe Observatory: http://tinyurl.com/qzhwax2

5-6 December: Global Village of Alternatives: “Change the system, not the climate!” – Paris
The Global Village of alternatives will contribute to the creation of a large citizen movement for climate justice. Alternatiba invites anybody who is interested, on “the real alternatives”, the true solutions to fighting climate change, (small scale farming, ethical finance, waste reduction, sustainable mobility…) as opposed to the dangerous and inefficient “solutions” that the industrial, financial and techno-scientific lobbyists propose.
Stay tunned: https://alternatiba.eu/en/global-village-of-alternatives/

7-11 December: Zone for Climate Action (ZAC) – Paris
The Zone for Climate Action (ZAC) will be hold in a cultural centre open to the city. It is going to be a meeting space overflowing with life, creative ideas and joyful resistance . The program in the ZAC includes daily action trainings, to build confidence and skills in civil disobedience techniques, to inform of the legal implications and form affinity groups (with longer term potential).
More info: http://coalitionclimat21.org/en/contenu/events-and-mobilizations

9 December: “Peasant Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Day” – Paris
The international peasant movement La Via Campesina calls social movements, people’s organizations, civil society and activists from all over the world to protest in Paris in a decentralized way in order to advance our proposals and show our opposition to the false solutions TNCs have inserted into the UNFCCC.
More info: http://tinyurl.com/qhqltqo

11-12 December: Climate Games Round II – Paris, global, and on-line
Theme: fossil fuels, energy. As the COP21 finalizes its death-dealing agreements, teams will join the day in the form of mass disobedience.
More info: https://www.climategames.net/

12 December: Mass Civil Disobedience – Paris
As the Paris Climate Summit wraps up, thousands of people will be back in the streets to have the final word. We’re preparing for bold actions and mass mobilisations on December 12th. We’re taking our future into our own hands and setting the stage for more action in 2016. Governments don’t lead movements — people do. Join us in Paris and take part in the largest civil disobedience action on climate change in Europe!
More info: http://coalitionclimat21.org/en/contenu/events-and-mobilizations

13 December: Climate Games Awards Ceremony – Paris
It will be the opportunity to come together, share stories of adventure, give out beautiful prizes and dance to the thumping tunes of FILASTINE & NOVA and other international artists.
More info: https://www.climategames.net/en/awards