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Program GMO free picknick June 8 Wageningen

Here you find the program (slight changes might still occur) of the GMO free picknick that is taking place in Wageningen on June 8. Most of the activities will take place on the field near Duivendaal, Costerweg 50, Wageningen. The debate in the evening will take place in the Wilde Wereld, Burgstraat 1, Wageningen. More details about the day will be available during the event in a nice booklet.

12:00 Start picknick Ongoing


Childrens program for bigger and smaller children, activities with

Fun for Kids:


Sign painting


Footprint game

12:30-12:45 Welcome

Explanation visit to the field

13:15-14:00 What are GMOs? Workshop making Ecotoilets
14:15-15:00 Discussion at the field
15:15:15:30 Short introduction of the workshops
15:30-16:30 Agro-ecology introduction and short discussion GMO free zone Nijmegen, Luc
16:30-16:45 Short introduction workshops

Strenghten the GMO free movement after the Marches against Monsanto, open session to share ideas

Fertilization and soil, Anton Nigten
18:00-18:30 Break and final words
18:30-19:30 Cleaning up
19:30-21:00 Plenary debate: YOU, YOUR TOWN AND GLOBAL AGRICULTURE Less agrochemicals and deforestation through local action? Can your town make the difference?