» » “GMO of the fields!”, report on anti-GMO action in Drimmelen

“GMO of the fields!”, report on anti-GMO action in Drimmelen

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To visualize the threat of contamination of regular corn in the area warning signs were placed with the text: "Be aware! Possibly contaminated with GM corn". At the test location, the receptor fields with regular corn next to the Bt-corn field turned out to be in quite neglected state, overgrown with weeds. This finding strengthens the suspicion of the activists that the real purpose of this gm field is not testing coexistence bufferzone size, but testing the public's reaction to commercial cultivation of GM crops.

More information on Bt-corn

Some pictures of the action:






Link to more pictures of the action.

Old call for this action (the locations of the GM corn fields were published only 2 days before the action took place):

Anti GMO Track tracing action June 24

New in the Netherlands: GMO corn in unknown locations? We won’t accept that! So protest with us on Saturday 24th of June!

The Dutch government is working hard on introducing GMO crops into the Dutch food chain. This year for the first time GMO corn is being cultivated ment for animal fodder, so it will possibly end up in our food chain. The variaty being used, MON810, is making an insecticide out of itself and thus is poisonous. Hungary, Greece, Austria and Poland have already banned this corn.

The 6 fields in the Netherlands are part of an investigation into contamination of surrounding regular corn fields. Corn can cross-polinate easily over great distances. In Spain already many farmers have experienced damage due to contamination with GM corn. This research therefore is nonsense and only serves the purpose of forcefeeding us the cultivation of GM crops. Besides this the authorities are still keeping the exact locations of the corn fields secret!

To protest this scandalous affaire and because the Dutch public has the right to be informed about this polution of environment and food chain, we are organising a track tracing event to one of the GM corn fields. We will do this on Saturday the 24th of June. With warning signs, flags and other materials and supported by the Rebel Clown Army CloLoNeL we want to point out that contamination is in the air!!

The more people come, the more visable the resistance against genetic manipulation in the Netherlands is. So join us!

The exact starting and ending point of the track tracing walk will be announced later. We have arranged a bus from Amsterdam and will try to arrange another one from Nijmegen. And we’ll arrange more places to get on the bus if needed. Let us know if you will arrange your own transport and can take others with you. If you want to join, of you want more info, mail speurtocht@aseed.net