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Reclaim the Seeds 2017: Spread the seed!

On 4 March Seed Fair in De Vasim in Nijmegen.

On 5 March practical jobs in a new ecological quarter in Lent (Nijmegen-Noord).

We did it again! We have a location for a next Reclaim the Seeds.
The annual seed fair will take place in De Vasim in Nijmegen in 4th March. In this cultural breeding spot in an old spinning mill on the river Waal there is room enough for a large seed fair and workshops. Old, local, non-hybrid and other special seeds, bulbs and cuttings will be exchanged, given away and sold. Everyone can bring his/her seeds and cuttings to the exchange-table.

Parallel to the market there will be talks and workshops about saving seeds, permaculture, seed networks, multi-annual edible plants, about threats by Bayer/Monsanto and other large seed companies, and other subjects. Throughout the day there will be an extra focus this time on patents on seeds. More and more patents seem to be given out but now there are also good opportunities to stop this development.

The next day, Sunday 5th March, everybody can lend a hand at starting an edible garden in Lent. In this northern part of Nijmegen two ecological communities IEWAN and Eikpunt have recently been completed and now the inhabitants are going to see to it that most of the public green area is going to be edible. Everybody can lend a hand. There will also be some excursions to biodiverse projects in the surroundings.

Reclaim the Seeds as an annual event, each year in a different part of the Netherlands, where exchanging seeds and information is combined with discussions about political themes and practical workshops. It started as a protest against new European seed laws, but now the main aim is to involve more people in the struggle against patents in plants and against the ever increasing power of large agricultural corporations. With the event we contribute to the upkeep of agricultural biodiversity and a robust, sustainable agriculture.

The past 5 editions were a success; many interested people joined in and the workshops and discussions were well attended. Let us reclaim the seeds!

Practical information

Seed fair on March 4th
Times: start at 10.30, finish at 16.30
Location: De Vasim, Winselingseweg 41, Nijmegen. (That’s half an hour’s walk from Nijmegen station or 4 stops on the bus 5. Parking is free, (please enter the parking space from Latensteinweg).
Price: a donation.

Lend a hand on Sunday March 5th
Times: from 10.30 hrs to 16.30 hrs
Location: Duitslandstraat 4, Lent (that’s a 20 minutes walk from lent station).
Price: a donation (and preferably a tasty organic, vegetarian contribution to the communal lunch.

More news about the theme of this edition, the programme, the organisers and details about whereabouts, times and other practical info soon on the website of Reclaim the Seeds, the facebook pagine and on the facebook eventpagina.