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Reclaim the Seeds coming months on several locations

Reclaim the Seeds is proud to announce the following seed exchanges!

Saturday December 1st, Oudenaarde (BE): Schiet in het zaad

Zadenwerkgroep Velt is organising ‘Schiet in het zaad’ for the second time, this time with the theme of legumes. Next to a lecture and workshop, there is the possibility to exchange seeds. And yes, you are also welcome without bringing your own seeds!

More info: https://beweegt.velt.be/zadenwerkgroep

Saturday February 2nd, Oudenaarde (BE): Reclaim the Seeds – kiemen van verzet

Large companies and European seed laws are threatening the diversity in our gardens and on our plate. The industry is largely determining what we eat and sow. Hybrid seeds are mostly designed to maximise profits for seeds companies. How do non-hybrid varieties fit into the garden and on the farm? Velt, the Association for Ecological Living and Gardening, is promoting these non-hybrid varieties.

More info: https://beweegt.velt.be/zadenwerkgroep

Saturday March 9th, Drachten: Noordelijk Zadennetwerk – zaaien met pit

After Reclaim the Seeds in Groningen in 2014, people in the northern provinces have enthusiastically continued. Every second Saturday of March, a seed exchange and workshop programme is organised. This winter the event will take place in Drachten.

More info: http://noordelijkzadennetwerk.nl

March 23-24, Amsterdam: Reclaim the Seeds

Last year a Reclaim the Seeds took place near the Fruittuin van West. Despite the extremely cold weather, the weekend attracted quite a few visitors. Next year there will be more space inside and we expect a more extensive market. And there will also be a critical and interesting workshop programme.

Saturday May 18th, Bergen (N-H), Reclaim the Seeds

Ecovillage Bergen is organising a Reclaim the Seeds seeds and seedlings market.

At this point the programme for the event is still being developed. Follow the latest news on the Reclaim the Seeds website. The following months, more info will be published about locations, stalls, workshop programme, etc. Because seeds, special varieties and biodiverse gardening is important and popular, we expect that the exchanges will attract many participants. But also the small scale, regional seed exchange is very valuable.

Naturally, there are more opportunities for exchanging seeds. Examples are:

Do you know more? Please infom us. On the Reclaim the Seeds website we are attempting to give an overview of all seeds exchanges.