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Report December 2 – the Art of Organising

art-space-toolsNow well set up in Paris, the intention is to organize all kinds of things, talk to people and to follow what is happening inside and outside of the conference. So there is plenty to do! In high spirits. But then the internet stops, it doesn’t even work to organize a bicycle because the workplace is closed and it seems that French telephones cannot even call to a number abroad. The kind of little setbacks that still affect your mood.

But then there was the Art Space Jardin d’Alice! A new squat in Montreuil that in a short time was converted to a place where activists can have meetings, paint banners, create other stencils and action material, exchange news, eat, drink, internet and of course socialize and relax. That works to revive the spirits!

art-space-systemchangeThis was also the place to plan the preparation meetings for the Freeze In action at the 9th of December; on Sunday December 6 from 4 to 6 we will further develop the plans here for this action against the industrial agriculture. If you are around, come by! Also before the 6th this is already very useful. You can get to work with banners, help think of good slogans and images for the red line and conceiving how we can deal with the state of emergency in a creative way.

Le Jardin d’Alice is also a good location to spread the materials we have made for the Guerilla against Greenwashing.

At the end of the day we went for a very delicious bite at the hidden cooking tent of the action kitchen Rampenplan. They are already standing by in Paris, just like another 4 other mobile kitchens. Only there are not yet enough activists arrived to eat all those responsible meals. Another good reason for you to still travel to Paris. And there is still a spot in the GroenFront! and ASEED bus. See you in Paris.

Website le Jardin d’Alice: http://www.lejardindalice.org/
Page with last info on the agriculture action at December 9: https://aseed.net/9-dec-freeze-in-tegen-de-industriele-landbouw/