Ready to start your own garden? We want to help!

Reach us at if you want to borrow tools, get seeds or just chat about how to get going!

A great first step is to check for a spot – who uses the space? Is it on your way to work or difficult to reach? Where can you get water? Once this is clear, all you need is a couple of seeds and maybe some compost to give them a headstart. Or you can try using seed bombs! Once the seeds are in the soil, make sure to check on them to water them and remove weeds. Each spot is different, so just try out different things and see, what works!

For more detailed support: Here is a full guide published by Extinction Rebellion Landbouw about how to start your own guerilla garden: Soil-Rebellion-DEF-ENG

Guerilla Gardeners NL have a website full of useful information as well: