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Get to know VersVoko de Pijp

After a winter with some bad luck – due to sudden frost there were very little vegetable and therefore we had to skip VersVoko a few times – we will start again on April 21s 2012t. At a new location: GroenGemaal at the Sarphatipark. And because we want to celebrate that spring has started and we can organise VersVoko at this new place, there will be snacks for all those interested.

So if you want more information about VersVoko and enlist and also be able to order vegetables from smalls-scale, organic farmers from around Amsterdam with equal minded people? Come to Groen Gemaal this Saturday and taste the atmosphere and the snacks. You can find more information about VersVoko on the website http://ttpijp.wordpress.com/

Groen Gemaal is located in the old mill at the park at the intrance at the west and has a small garden around it. It has been used by volunteers of the working group nature and environment as a ecological plant-exchange-centre. For meer information about Groen Gemaal go to http://sarphatipark.wordpress.com/het-groengemaal/