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Second International Greenwash Soy gathering

A broad coalition of peasant, social and environmental movements is voicing out against the promotion of 'responsible', 'sustainable' or 'green' monoculture crops and the export model this implies.

View the declaration in support of the countermovement to 'Responsable Soy'.

Visit also Rechazo a la Mesa Redonda de Soja Responsable – Agosto/Septiembre 2006, a site specially for the 'counter conference' and actions during the 2nd Round Table. Here you can also find a list with all the mentioned soy related cases of violence and poisoning in Paraguay.

On August 31 and September 1st 2006 there has been an demonstration and boat action in Asuncion against the Round Table. Read the reports and view some pictures.

other texts to read:

Soy cultivation in Paraguay
After the first Round Table Meeting in Foz de Iguazú, in the south of Brazil, now another luxury hotel in the capital of Paraguay, Asuncion will host this circus. Paraguay, exactly the country where the expansion of soy cultivation led to an explosion of violence. Human rights violations are common during the eviction of peasant communities and during their demonstrations. Intimidations and threaths occur daily. Of course the second Round Table is being heald in a safe distance from the reality that is being lived by the peasants.

More info on Corporate Greenwash and Counterconference to Previous 'Sustainable' Soy RoundTable on www.grr.org.ar/iguazu