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SEEDmail #23 – September 2012

In the coming weeks ASEED will be present and active at the ADM Tijd Festival (21-22 September), during the Week van de Smaak (29 Sept-7 Oct) and the “Sowing of the Future” seed-sowing actions (October). ASEED is also looking for people to co-organise the second edition of the very successful Reclaim the seeds weekend from March this year.

Calendar: Forthcoming events & Calls

22 September: ASEED anti GMO games @ ADM Tijd Festival

ADM Tijd Festival – 21 & 22 Sept @ squatted Amsterdam harbor factory terrain ADM. The programme features theatre and music performances, installations, exhibitions as well as workshops and info stalls hosted by various organisations. On Saturday the 22nd ASEED will be present with information on its GMO campaign and with fun games for anti-GMO enthusiast. Come by and practice shooting GM corn out of the fields!


More on http://admfestival.nl/tijd-2/

29 Sept – 7 Oct: Week van de Smaak: Help spread GM potato protest stickers

Annual week of events all over the Netheralnds around good and tasty food. All very nice and rather unpolitical for our taste. The theme ingredient this year is the POOOOTAAAATOOOO and – not entirely coincidentally – ASEED’s campaign against genetic engineering is also covering the field trials with BASF and WUR university GM consumption potatoes. So we felt this an opportunity not to let pass by unnoticed. We have stickers saying in Dutch “GM fries, I don’t eat them” and you can help spread them around field trial locations, snack bars, french fries factories or supermarkets – any place related to comsuming French fries will do. But of course we need to advise you to not stick them in any place where it is not allowed.

Order the stickers for free via info@aseed.net. More info on ww.aseed.net/gentech
More on Week van de Smaak: http://www.weekvandesmaak.nl

Vote before October 7: who is the most pollutive of these 50 Dutch dirtbags?

After Dutch national elections there is more voting going on in The Netherlands. www.vieze50.nl offers you, Dutch or not, the opportunity to vote for the most hateful ¨unsustainable¨ Dutch person out of a list of 50 names. Our pick is Aalt Dijkhuizen, president of the executive board of Wageningen University and an advocate of more industrial agriculture. Cast your vote until the 7th of October.
ww.vieze50.nl is an initiative of WISE,Greenpeace, vroege Vogels (early birds radio programme) and Joop.nl.

October weekends: GM-free seed-sowing also in The Netherlands this year

Stichting Demeter and Zaadgoed are participating for the first time in the international action Sowing the future. They are organising a series of public seed-sowing events in October in the Netherlands. The events are going to take place in the fields of biodynamic farmers and include sowing of seeds, a guided tour through the farms and information subjects like soil, seeds, animal welfare and others. The actionoin, which has already taken place for 6 years in several countries, aims to highlight the importance of seed sovereignty and keeping agriculture GMO-free. ASEED is not involved in the organisation of the events but endorses the project….
For more information in Dutch: http://www.stichtingdemeter.nl/.
English action website: http://www.avenirsem.ch/files/annual_report_zs_2011_web.pdf and http://www.avenirsem.ch/files/sowing_future_report_09_nla.pdf

Call for co-organisers:  Reclaim the seeds weekend 2013

The first edition of a national seed exchange weekend of The Netherlands was a great success and many shared that feeling. Something to repeat next year. But Reclaim the Seeds 2013 can only happen if enough people help organise. There are plans for a big national seed exchange in Den Bosch and possibly a smaller one in Amsterdam, but the teams urgently need reinforcements. And of course anybody interested can organise a small local seed swap event. Want to help with organising the Reclaim the seeds weekend 2013 or some useful contacts and suggestions for organising one locally? Email info@reclaimtheseeds.nl
Call for support from the Belgian Field Liberation Movement


GM crops proof serious health hazard!

New lab study rats get gigantic tumors – Bomb under GM and Roundup
Rats fed for 2 years with Monsanto’s Roundup Ready corn and Roundup developed health threatning medical conditions including brest tumors up to 25% of their body weight. Today at 15hrs scientific magazine “Food and Chemical Toxicology” will publish the results of a secretely executed lab study by French scientist Seralini. The scoop in Le Nouvel Observateur http://t.co/DuTte28y is already raving, the study a serious bomb under the foundations of GM industry. The Connexxion published in English about it: http://www.connexionfrance.com/GM-maize-tumours-genetically-modified-14093-view-article.html

Dutch Good Food March to Brussels

ASEED took part in the Good Food March in the Netherlands. The participants passed through Breda on Sunday, 16th of September. After a manifestation in the centre the Dutch participants in the Good Food March set out for Brussels, with interesting stops en route. The Good Food March is a European-wide mobilisation to demand a Common agricultural policy that guarantees sustainability of agriculture and the food system in Europe and in the South. It culminated in a conference in Brussels today, September 19th.
Read more about the march on: http://goodfoodmarch.eu/,
Dutch participation: http://aardeboerconsument.nl/optrekken-naar-brussel-voor-goed-eten-goede-landbouw

GM potatoes under attack: 2 Dutch field trials destroyed

Last month the WUR agriculture university found 2 of their field trials with GMpotatoes of the DuRPh project destroyed. They filed a complaint against the unknown field liberators. So far the actions have not been claimed, but in the past such covered GM field liberations have taken place regularly by action groups like Raving Harvesters. Superficially, the DuRPh project aim is to develop a way to make potatoes lasting resistent against the damaging attacks of the Phytophtora fungus via genetic engineering. In reality, the aim is to break public rejection of GE with this seemingly sympathatic and publicly funded project. Read the full article in WUR’s Resource magazine: http://resource.wur.nl/en/wetenschap/detail/potato_test_fields_damaged/

Protest against GM potatoes in Ireland

On 13 September people gathered in Dublin to protest against GM-potato field trials in Ireland with the same Dutch DuRPh potatoes. The protestors organised a mock funeral procession symoblising “the death of Ireland’s good food sector”.
Photos from the procession:

BASF Blockade Germany

Good Food Marchers blocked the German head quarter of BASF. The chemical company anounced in January to stop developing GMOs for European market but is continueing its field trials with the GM potatoes Fortuna and Modena, also in the Netherlands.

German article on blockade: http://goodfoodmarch.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/fortuna-bringt-kein-gluck-aktion-vor-der-basf-zentrale/
Article on field trials: https://www.aseed.net/new/en/gmos/in-the-news/1078-gentechveldproeven-met-aardappels-en-appels-in-2012

VOEDlink: New Food Co-op Amsterdam-West

After Vokomokum and Versvoko de Pijp, Amsterdam now has its third food cooperative, based in the Kinkerbuurt. The Voko is looking for new members to help with the running of the cooperative. For more information on the Voko and for contact details: http://www.d4net.nl/voedlink

New book on Dutch history of organic agriculture : ‘Against the odds’

‘Tegen beter weten in’ is a historical account by farmer Dick Hollander of how food industry, WUR agriculture university and Dutch government sabotaged the development organic agriculture in the Netherlands. Read the full review in Trouw newspaper: