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SEEDmail #27 – April 2013

Content overview
1. GM Chips won’t touch my lips info events
2. new! Monthly ASEED Cafe starting  this Sunday April 27
3. 18 May – Demo against Mega Stables
4. 25 May: March against Monsanto
5.26 May: Monthly ASEED Cafe
6. 28 May – Support the Field Liberation activists at their trial
7. 7 & 8 June – GMO debate & GM free Agriculture Day

8. Report from Reclaim the Seeds  weekend
9. URGENT: Take action in the legislative process of EU-Seed regulation!
10. Stop the Crop campaign launched[:]

ASEED calls…..
11. Wanted: Your Ideas
12. Volunteer Vacancy: Fundraising Activities Coordinator
13. Gentech.nl still needs your financial support!

1. GM chips won’t touch my lips Info events

26th April, – Amsterdam – Vokomokum
ASEED will give a talk on GMOs and the ´GM chips won´t touch my lips´ campaign at the Vokomokum food co-op event at the Dokhuis in Plantagedok. The talk will commence at about 8pm. Address: Plantagedoklan 8-12, Amsterdam.
This can be a good moment to get in contact with this food co-op. That evening there will be an introduction talk about this cooperative as well. More information about this on http://www.vokomokum.nl

27th April – Amsterdam – Groene Straatdag
ASEED will be at the annual Groene straatdag with an info stall and creative activities so come along and get involved. Location: Marie Altelaarplein, Kleine Wittenburgerstraat 1, Amsterdam.

12th May – Elst – Pizzacafe
ASEED will also be giving a GMO campaign talk on the 12th May @ the pizzacafe in the squatted farm in Elst. Enjoy home made pizza from the home made clay oven and learn the latest news from our campaign (topics). Also time to discuss possibilities to participate/bike to (?) the Reclaim the Fields gathering in August.

17-20 May – Appelscha – Pinksterlanddagen
ASEED will also be at the Pinksterlanddagen anarchist gathering with an info stall and a workshop sharing the latest updates on our GMO potato campaign and the potato courtcase in Belgium. We will also launch our new interactive GMO field trial and GMO free zones map. Pinksterlanddagen take place for 80th time (!) in Appelscha (@kampeerterrein ‘tot Vrijheidsbezinning’, Aekingaweg 1a). More info : http://www.pinksterlanddagen.org/
More details to follow and stay tuned to our website for more exciting events agriculture based events.

Every last Sunday of the month ASEED will have an ASEED cafe where you can upgrade your skills for transforming creativity into actions for sustainability, meet up for some informal exchange with other ASEEDees, or just chill out and relax.

Open now every last Sunday of the month @ Dok Cafe
The programme for the 28th of April looks like this:

Action: Workshop Writing Stories
Round I: 2pm – 4pm
~ High Tea ~
Round II: 4.30-6.30
Vegan Diner 7pm

ASEED cafe @ Dok Cafe, at the Plantage Doklaan 12 in Amsterdam.

3. May 18 – Demo against against Mega stables
Dam Square, Amsterdam – Manifestation against factory farming and the enormous impact this has on the food shortage in 3rd world countries, the climate, our health and animal welfare.  Only a well-informed consumer will be able to make good choices. Therefore, this protest we will focus on giving information about the impact that factory farming had, and the alternatives there are.

More info:  https://www.aseed.net/new/en/foodsovereignty/in-the-news/1161-we-zijn-het-mega-zat

4. 25 May – March against Monsanto
On May 25, activists around the world will unite to March Against Monsanto. Events will take place all over the globe and ASEED will be joining the demonstration at the home town of Monsanto Netherlands and the major Dutch Agriculture University: Wageningen. Here Monsanto has green houses and WUR is currently trialling GM crops in the open air for approval for the European market.
Join the facebook event

5. 26 May – Monthly ASEED cafe
Every last Sunday of the month ASEED will have an ASEED cafe where you can upgrade your skills for transforming creativity into actions for sustainability, meet up for some informal exchange with other ASEEDees, or just chill out and relax.
@ Dokcafe, Plantage Doklaan 8-12, Amsterdam

6. 28 May –  Support the Wetteren 11 on trial in Belgium for actions against GM potatoes
Join ASEED on a solidarity trip to Belgium: Monday 27th -Tuesday 28th May. Participate in the parallel workshops to exchange our views, knowledge and experience with GMOs and movements for sustainable, GM free agriculture. More on the days programm: Field Liberation Movement: http://www.fieldliberation.org

We are organising transport to Dendermonde, to support the 11 activists from the Field Liberation Movement that are resisting the unjust sentences in the ‘GM potato trial’. We will be leaving on the evening of Monday 27th May, and returning after the trial finishes on Tuesday 28th. Come along and show your support. Put GMOs on trial, not the field liberators.
To find out how join us go here

7. 7 & 8 June GMO debate & GM free Agriculture Day
On 8th June there will be a GM free agriculture day in Wageningen; with workshops, debate, music & food, showing public resistance to GMOs at the site of the field trials for new GM potatoes from Wageningen University. On the 7th we will organise a GMO debate at the university.
Present at the GM free agriculture day will be stalls from all sorts of wonderful sustainable organisations, organic farmers, info stalls from community garden projects, seed breeding initiatives, environmental initiatives, and environmental, student and farmers organisations. There will be ´GM-free´ sign painting and face painting, seed-swapping, and organic fries. There will be a stage for live music and discussions, as well as a panel discussion on GMOs in our food chain and why GM free agriculture should be promoted.
We will show resistance to Wageningen University, raise awareness and help build a grassroots movement against GM and for food sovereignty. This day will mobilise public resistance to genetically manipulated crops being cultivated in our communities, with the products ending up on our dinner tables.
The previous evening on the 7th, ASEED along with Wageningen students will be organising a debate on the issue of GMOs at the University, with a diverse panel of expert speakers. Come along and join the debate…
For more info about the day or to join the organising team email us at info@aseed.net

8. 2nd Reclaim the Seeds weekend again a success

On 2 and 3 March 2013, the second Reclaim the Seeds Weekend took place in Den Bosch, Netherlands. The seeds fair on Saturday with over 25 stalls of seed initiatives, farmers and organsations was well attended by about 500 people. The workshop program was successful with some concrete outcomes like taking coordinated action against the upcoming new EU seed laws and plans for more cooperation between professional and experienced amateur seed breeders and savers. During the ‘Practical Day’ on Sunday participants were doing it for sowing seeds, making signs for GMO-free zones and a guerrilla garden-tour to green the streets of Den Bosch. There was also this year a very diverse audience, and there was a lot of information exchanged. During the weekend there was attention to both the political and the practical side of the preservation of agricultural biodiversity and exchanging seeds without interference from major seed companies. We hope that another Reclaim the Seeds weekend will take place again next year, sufficient enthousiasm present.

Read the full report in Dutch here

9. URGENT: Take action in the legislative process of EU-Seed regulation!
On 6th of May the European Commission will vote on the new EU-Seed declaration. There is urgent action needed to avoid damage by the upcoming new EU regulation of seed marketing. The new regulation will de facto ban old and rare varieties and farmers varieties and threaten the exchange and selling of seeds of diversity. Please write BEFORE April 28 to the commissioner of your country and convince him/her to vote „NO“ on the proposal of DG SANCO.

Read more here

10. Stop the Crop Campaign Launched
Friends of the Earth Europe and Corporate Europe Observatory launched a new campaign in March to stop new GMO approvals for cultivation in the EU: Stop the Crop! With the release of a new documentary.
A campaign website is online – www.stopthecrop.org – that should become a key tool in the fight against new GM crop approvals in the EU. You can leave your email there to be kept updated and an online petition will get active as soon as important decision are on the agenda of the European politicians later this year. ASEED supports the campaign in The Netherlands.
More info here.

ASEED calls….

11. Wanted: Your ideas!
Are there books, films, brochures, t-shirts, buttons, or other stuffs from an ASEED stall that you would like to see again? We are currently reviewing our merchandise collection and would like to hear from you about what books on food, agriculture and/or activism or other items you would like to see on info stalls and at our events. If you have any ideas or requests drop us an email to info@aseed.net

12. Vacancy: Fundraising Activities Coordinator
ASEED is looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic fundraising activities coordinator to be at the center of our on-the-ground public fundraising activities. While there are some concrete tasks that must be completed, the role is flexible and open to our own skills and personal development.
You will be a peer to our current fundraiser who will introduce you to ASEED and support you in your role. You will also work closely with our volunteer coordinator to recruit other people to help you with the fundraising .

Read the full job description here: https://www.aseed.net/new/en/joinaproject

13.Gentech.nl still needs your financial support!
Honest and indepent Dutch news & information website on genetic engineering is urgently looking for donors. Help keep gentech.nl online and register or make a donation online: http://www.gentech.nl/steun_ons. Or transfer directly into the Triodos Bank account of stg. A SEED Europe IBAN: NL47 TRIO 0254 7289 52; SWIFT or BIC: TRIONL2U. Reference: donation gentech.nl. THANKS!

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