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Seedmail #33 New website, looking for donors, Reclaim the Seeds and more

[An email version of SEEDmail #34 is linking by mistake to this page. Number 34 you can find here.]

canada-stamp-cropAs the end of the year is approaching the time has come for another Seedmail – to finish 2014 off with some cool ASEED stories and inspiration for the next year.

In this Seedmail you will find:

– news about our website and attention to our donor campaign

– a report from the Sowing Diversity Seed Freak gathering

– updates on several developments in European seed legislation

– the announcement of Reclaim the Seeds 2015, which is to take place on February 28th and March 1st in Driebergen

– Agro-action-camp 2015!


The new website is ready!

Over the past couple of months we have been working hard on creating a brand new ASEED website and transferring all the information from the old one. Aseed.net has taken a leap into the present-day and is now accessible from your smartphone or tablet! The address remains the same, but you will of course notice big changes: a nice design which makes the content easier to read, clearer menus, more pictures, small widgets here and there…

We are also continuing our search for donors. For that reason we have updated the Donate section on our website (https://aseed.net/donate/). We believe that ASEED plays a crucial role in linking local and global issues, educating and empowering young people about their ability to bring change and in going where no other organisation dares to go. Big grants are becoming harder and harder to come so we really need your help as donor to keep up our work! So please consider a donation when you visit our shiny new website and keep an eye on the carrot for our progress in securing donors!

Sowing Diversity

Between Oct 1st and Oct 5th, more than 30 young people gathered in Amsterdam to share their experiences about their favorite topics: seeds, farming, biodiversity and community gardening. Thanks to the youth exchange programme set up by the European Commission, ASEED was able to invite people from Denmark, Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands to spend 5 days together in the city. The participants were attending group discussions, set up hands-on workshops, went to visit local initiatives and exchanged ideas and heirloom seeds they brought from their own regions. Read more about it here: [insert link to article]

Update on the European Seed Legislation and developments in other areas

Different organisations that are involved with the seed issue gathered again in Vienna this fall to discuss the developments in European seed politics and legislation. This resulted in the following update and analysis on the legislation and international regulations that are of importance for agricultural biodiversity. Here you can read more: [link]

Announcing Reclaim the Seeds 2015

In 2015 a fourth Reclaim the Seeds weekend will be organised! This time it will take place in Driebergen, just east of Utrecht, where the event is welcomed at the Kraaybeekerhof estate.

On Saturday the 28th of February there will be a big seed market and a programme with workshops, lectures and discussions, while Sunday March 1st will be focused on community gardens and other local initiatives. Read more on the website: http://reclaimtheseeds.nl/index.php/english-home

Agro-action-camp near Amsterdam

There are plans for another agro-action-camp! In 2011 and 2012 ASEED has organised such an event in Flevoland and Den Bosch. These were inspiring events and people have been asking when another of these would be organised. Now there are plans for it!

There will likely be a cooperation with the Climate Games of Wij Stoppen Steenkool (We Stop Coal). This group will organise a day of action against the coal unit in the Amsterdam harbour. The plan is to organise a camp before and after this day of action, partly about climate and partly about agriculture topics.

More information will follow later. But we are already looking for people who want to help organise this camp. So do you enjoy action camps and do you want to work for sustainable alternatives and a better climate and against industrial agriculture, contact ASEED.

This camp and the actions are part of the international mobilisations for the climate convention in Paris in December 2015.