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SEEDmail #25 – December 2012

We had a blasting Reclaim the seeds weekend with hundreds of people swapping FREE seeds, participating in workshops and discussions on patenting, seed saving, food sovereignty, guerilla gardening action and creating all together the beautiful Valreep community gardens. On 2 & 3 of March the second edition will take place in Den Bosch, organised in cooperation with Transition Town Den Bosch, Transfarmers, and De Reparatiestraat. [:]
http://www.reclaimtheseeds.nl (the new site for next seedweekend will be up soon)

Last July the second Agriculture Action Camp took place in Den Bosch, organised together with the community garden Graafse Hof. A blockade of GM soy slurping animal feed factory De Heus and other actions exposing this company happened. Besides these actions there was a programm of workshops, trainings and discussions on agriculture & activism issues. Also in the first half of 2013 we expect some kind of Agriculture Action Camp happening in The Netherlands, but in a more rural environment. Keep an eye on our website or your mailbox.

In the meantime we keep spreading news and information criticizing genetically engineered crops, including the GM potato field trials of WUR/DuRPh and BASF in the Netherlands. In January 2013 we will launch our new campaign against these GM spuds under the name ‘GM chips won’t touch my lips’ (“Gentechfriet eet ik niet”). As an appetizer we started spreading protest stickers and postcards with this slogan last Autumn.
On January 15 the next hearing of the 11 GM potato activist of the Belgian Field Liberation movement will take place in Dendermonde. ASEED will go there to show solidarity. We are organising transport from Amsterdam/Utrecht. You’re welcome to join us!
Info events in Amsterdam, Nijmegen and more places are being planned now, on FLM and anti-GM potato activism. Keep an eye on our website.

Big milestone of the GM protest movement in The Netherlands: the establishment of a legally binding GM free zone in the municipality of Nijmegen in November, after ASEED helped a group of concerned local citizens get started a few years ago. Setting an example for and inspiring the rest of the country and Europe! So expect more to follow.

The Dutch online information source for GMO news people do not find often in the regular media. Hosted by ASEED, but with independent professional editors. Covered many subjects in 2013, from the Seralini rat feeding study that stirred up the debate about health impacts, to the Belgian GM potato activists’ prosecution, to the massacre in Paraguay that paved the way for pro-agro industry president to take over.
Have a look at www.gentech.nl

Now, all this is thanks to great efforts of a small team and their friends. Besides people putting in time and energy, these activities also require financial resources.

For gentech.nl we are running a CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN: we need 170 people donating 5 euros per month to keep up this high quality news service and make some necessary technical improvements. Register as donor or donate directly online. Sponsoring and link or banner exchange is also possible. Contact gentech.nl@aseed.net if you’re interested.

If your prefer to support other ASEED activities with a donation, you can do that online directly via https://www.geef.nl/externalMod.php?gd=4222&taal=nl_NL. 10% of your donation will go to the administrative costs of this service. You also just transfer money to Stichting A SEED Europe, Amsterdam, Triodos Bank account number 254 728 952 (IBAN: NL47 TRIO 0254 7289 52; SWIFT or BIC: TRIONL2U).

New ASEED-ers NEED HOUSING in Amsterdam
Early January the ASEED team in Amsterdam will welcome 2 new recruits. Yay! Oops, now they need a place to stay too, and we are still looking. So, if you have any spare room, need new housemates, or know other people that do, in Amsterdam, for an affordable price. PLEASE, let us know and we will be thankful into eternity. Also 2 other ASEED-ers need housing. So do not hold back and clean up that attic finally!

If you want to join in our activities, have questions or inform us of available space: contact us via info@aseed.net.

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and following us. Hope to hear from you in the new year…

We wish you a gm-free and food sovereign 2013!