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SEEDmail #15 – winter 2010/11

Around April 2011 multinational corporations plan to launch a ‘Responsible Soy’ certificate for their products. In order to obtain this label, companies need to pay lip service to better social and environmental practices, after which the sordid soy trade can continue business as usual… Along with A SEED at least 230 groups signed a letter rejecting the label as greenwash of the worst kind of greenwash. It also pointing out that the criteria for assessing “responsible” soy have now been widely discredited. Read more: http://www.gmfreeze.org/page.asp?ID=431&iType=1079

The group lists 13 reasons not to back the RTRS initiative, including:
*Failure to protect forest and other habitats from clearance,
*Failure to protect rural communities and public health,
*The inclusion of unsustainable GM soy production as “responsible”,
*Lack of credible traceability and enforcement or compliance with the criteria,
*Lack of any credible alternative soy production system to replace the industrial monocultures dominating North and South American soy.

Holland is the worlds’ second biggest importer of soy and has great interests in keeping the trade going. The new right wing Dutch government is so impressed with the ‘self-regulating’ RTRS certification model that it wants to duplicate it to other import products. The so-called Dutch ‘Ínitative for Sustainable Trade’ (IDH) will receive one hundred million euro of government money over the next five years, to help poor and needy corporations that make big profits with unfair import products green up their act. For years A SEED has campaigned against the disastrous soy chain, which is completely unsustainable from beginning to end. The ‘Responsible Soy’ label is simply a corporate PR response to the growing criticism around the world. In the year to come A SEED will do what we can to expose this major greenwash scam. Read more on the website of the campaign againsy RTRS-soy http://www.toxicsoy.org

European AGRICULTURE 2013
A SEED is actively involved in a Dutch and European-wide discussion about the future of  agriculture and the Common Agriculture Policy of the European Union. This CAP is currently taking shape, and will be implemented from 2013 onwards. Now is the time for a transition towards sustainable agriculture. On November 29 a joined press release was sent out to comment on a proposal from the European Commission. [in Dutch ]
ASEED will also participate in the European Nyeleni Forum for Food Sovereignty which will take place in Austria in August 2011. Read more about the European Food Sovereignty Movement here.


A SEED’s Versvoko (local fresh food cooperatives) project is in full progress. Seven introduction events took place around the country, and four groups – in Amsterdam, Rotterdam(Pijnacker), Groningen and Drenthe are being set up. A new website is now online: www.versvoko.nl and a brand new newletter is ready. Contact didi@aseed.net to subscribe. Some dates:
* December 20: Versvoko meal + info at Joe’s garage, Pretorisstr. 43, A’dam, 19h
* January 8, Wijkcentrum Ceintuur, G. Doustraat  133, 15h-17h Versvoko afternoon, order and taste locally produced fresh food.
* January 22 Regional Dinner party in Amsterdam, de Pijp with Versvoko info
* January 28th Versvoko infonight in Groningen, details: http://www.transitiontowngroningen.nl/
* February 12th  Versvoko info and experience exchange day in the Utrecht region.


On January 22nd 2011, during the Berlin “Green Week” there will be a national mass protest against industrial agriculture “Wir haben es satt!” (“We’ve had enough!”)! ‘ Say no to Genetic Engineering, Factory Farms and Export Dumping! Yes to family farms and organic agriculture. Yes to healthy and fair foods’  – Come along! Start: 12 noon, Berlin Main Station. End 14 pm.: Brandenburg Gate. More info:  http://www.wir-haben-es-satt.de/start/home/in-english/

In a brochure and a series of info-events on the seed-industry earlier this year A SEED adressed the  alarming increase in patents on plants and farm-animals. One The European Patent Office (EPO) issued its decision in the case against the ‘Broccoli Patent’ on December 10th. The EPO explained that methods for conventional breeding of plants and animals cannot be considered as a technical process and can therefore not be covered by patents. The decision is binding for all similar cases. But observers warn that plants and animals derived from conventional breeding will still be patented…read more here

On Tuesday November 23, 2010, the conference ‘Biodiversity: Opportinuties for a new economy’ took place at Artis in Amsterdam. ASEED Europe formed a picket-line and handed out pamphlets outside the venue to protest against bio-piracy and patents  on life. More here

November 2nd 2010, Enkhuizen (NL) Around thirty climate conscious citizens of the action group Verdelg Monsanto paid a visit to the main premises of international agri-chemical giant Monsanto in the Netherlands.  The aim was to find clues about the company’s hidden agenda.  Read more:
The Monsanto protest coincided with the high profile international conference  “It’s Down 2 Earth” (…) about agriculture and climate in The Hague. This pre-Cancun meeting resulted in a ‘Roadmap for Action’, which many organisations  consider completely unacceptable. Read more:



Almost ready: https://www.aseed.net
Completely revised Dutch GMO content: http://www.gentech.nl

A S$$D
Want to save the world but too tired or busy right now? Do you want to help finance campaigns against corporate criminals and their lobby groups? Then donate some money to A SEED Europe! It’s not easy for an organisation like us to pay all our bills – we rely on grants and donations to keep going. Find here where to dump your 13th month or leftover holiday money etc. so that it helps us too.

A SEED has ANBI status. This means that anybody paying taxes in the Netherlands can deduct their donation to ASEED from their  taxable income. Do yourself and your planet a big favour and donate some money before the end of this year. Or contact us: info@aseed.net, to drop by. The last week of 2010 the office will be closed, e-mail for appointment. Thanks, A SEED Europe

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