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Can genetically engineered soy – grown with large amounts of agrochemicals – ever be called ‘responsible’? You probably consider this to be impossible. The damage that Monsanto’s RoundupReady soy has done in countries such as Argentina and Paraguay is enormous. Despite that, by the end of May this very same soy will be labelled ‘responsible’ by The Round Table on Responsible Soy.

Because this Round Table is supported by the World Wildlife Fund and the development organisation Solidaridad, GM toxic soy will receive a greenwash. By supporting this Round Table these two organisations think that they will help reduce the damage done by the soy industry. But it will have the opposite effect. Declaring GM products ‘responsible’ is a dangerous step that legitimises the further growth of toxic soy cultivation. The destruction of rainforests, instead of being halted, will still be permitted.

More information about this issue you can read in the ‘Sojanieuwsbrief’ (in Dutch) and in the report ‘The Round Table on Ir-responsible Soy – Certifying Soy Expansion, GM Soy and Agrofuels‘. Also the websites and on are good to visit. Also in previous years there have been protests against the meetings of the Round Table on Responsible Soy, the business network discussing the ‘responsible soy’.

Support our appeal to the board members and campaigners of WWF and Solidaridad to withdraw their support for toxic soy. Sign the petition on

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English translation of the Dutch petition text:

GM soy is not ‘responsible’.

An Appeal to Solidarid and the World Wildlife Fund

By joining the Round Table for Responsible Soy your organisation has consented to labelling genetically modified toxic soy as ‘responsible’. I strongly protest against this.

The ever increasing use of RoundupReady soy is causing huge social and environmental problems in South America. This soy monoculture has turned both the natural environment and small scale agriculture into a green desert.

The large scale use of pesticides poisons the land and dwellings of the local population. Soy monocultures worsen existing conflicts over land use and increase the contrast between rich and poor.

The Round Table legitimises further expansion of soy production. Farmers organisations and NGOs in South America and the rest of the world have repeatedly protested against the fallacy that this kind of soy can in anyway be called ‘responsible’.  The Round Table also undermines labels for locally or organically produced products.

Solidaridad and the World Wildlife Fund play a leading role within this Round Table. It is largely because of your support that GM  toxic soy will be labelled as ‘responsible’. Therefore I ask you to reconsider your position. Support small scale farming and the natural environment and leave this Round Table.

Yours sincerely,