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Sowing Diversity: a seed freaks gathering

guerrilla_gardeningAs part of our seed campaign and to echo our successful annual event Reclaim the Seeds, ASEED is organising a European gathering of seed freaks this autumn. Between October 1st and October 5th, more than 30 people from 5 European countries will gather in Amsterdam for a 5-day programme on the topics of seeds, biodiversity, farming and activism.[:]The partner organisations of ASEED are:

Each of them will come with a delegation of young active farmers, gardeners,researchers and activists involved with these topics. The participants of Sowing Diversity will be attending workshops, discussions and practical activities. They will also visit interesting local initiatives and places such as the Moestuin Landlust and the IJplein Voedseltuin in Amsterdam, de Bolster company in Epe and the Food Forest in Ketelbroek. In addition, a tour of the Wageningen University and Research Centre is planned together with the Critical Student Group, in order to cast a light on the tensions and dynamics that are currently to be felt there, especially regarding the recent nomination of Louise Fresco as a President of the Executive board and the controversial DuRPH GM potato project.

Besides this dense and exciting schedule, Sowing Diversity aims at being an opportunity for the participants to share their collective and individual experiences and brainstorm to start longer term seed projects.

Last but not least, the gathering will also include a free festive night open to all! Come and meet the Sowing Diversity participants on October 4th at de Peper and 4bid gallery (OT301) in Amsterdam. For more information about that evening, join our facebook event and check out the programme, which already includes an optional vegan dinner, live music, a small info stall, a seed swap and seed installations. Please bring your own seeds (properly labeled with date, variety and characteristics) if you want to swap or spread them. If you do not have seeds, you are welcome with your open mind and curiosity. No need to be a seed freak yourself, just join us for a night of social fun and party! Sowing Diversity is also part of a larger series of European events related to seeds and connected together thanks to Demeter International. Check out the other events happening in October:

  • in Brussels, the Zaden festival, a Symposium on ecological farming and seeds. The participants will also discuss the potential impact of TTIP on environment, food and farming in Europe.
  • in London, the Great Seed Festival, a 2-day free festival to celebrate seed diversity and rekindle the connection between seed and food.

Also in October, check out the Dutch initiative Sowing the Future coordinated by Stichting Demeter.