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Sowing Diversity: a short report

Between Oct 1st and Oct 5th, more than 30 young people gathered in Amsterdam to share their experiences about their favorite topics : seeds, farming, biodiversity and community gardening. Thanks to the youth exchange programme set up by Erasmus + and the European Commission, ASEED has invited people from Denmark, Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands to spend 5 days together in the city.[:]

Seed saving workshop

The participants could attend to group discussions, set up hands-on workshops, go visit local initiatives and exchange ideas and heirloom seeds they brought from their regions.

Seed saving workshop

Above all, Sowing Diversity was an active social time. Most of the participants were deeply involved in their activities back home. They enjoyed meeting like-minded European youths and discuss challenges they face with their group. For instance, how to get a piece of land in the city to start a community garden? How to involve long-term volunteers in your projects? What to do about the new EU seed laws? What kind of global food system do we stand for?

Group work

The gathering included a seed freaks party at the Peper and the 4-bid gallery, both located at the OT301 in Amsterdam. Info stalls, seed swap, live music, delicious organic vegan meal were on the programme, in order to share the group’s knowledge and passion with local visitors. Most of them found their inner gardener that evening and left with seeds of old varieties of peas, beans or tomatoes !

Information about the groups invited :

Meet one of the participant, Daniel Bayer