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Seed and seedling swap at the Food Autonomy Festival

During the Food Autonomy Festival it will be possible to exchange seeds and seedlings of edible plants. Just like last year there will be one stall where you can put your own surplus of saved vegetable seeds and seedlings and plants. This was you give a good destination to the plants that don’t fit anymore in your own garden or pots. Maybe you can, before May 26, take some cuttings of edible plants that do wel in your garden or repot some plants that did shoot up. And if you find something on the stall you can use in your garden or on your balcony you can take it home.

By swapping we will become less dependent on traders and large seed companies. And isn’t it just nice to make people happy with your redundant plants?!

Swapping seeds and seedlings is based on trust. You want to know what you grow in your garden, especially if you are planning to save some seeds from it yourself. So if you bring seeds and plants to the swap table please write down as precise as possible what it is, when the seeds have been harvested and from who and where is comes. Size, wet/dry, sun/shade, type of soil, this is all useful information to exchange.

Where: Bajesdorp, H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 20, Amsterdam

When: Saturday May 26, from 13:00 till 18:00

Visit ASEEDs website for more info about the Food Autonomy Festival: https://aseed.net/faf