» » » Stop “€˜Monsantosizing€” food, seeds & animals!

Stop “€˜Monsantosizing€” food, seeds & animals!

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This alert will be handed over to Governments and patent offices on 26 March 2010 – three years after the No Patents on Seeds global coalition was officially started. A SEED will ask attention for the problem of patenting and increasing power concentration in the seed industry with an action on March 27 in The Netherlands, followed by a series of info & discussion evenings. You can sign the petition till 20 July 2010. The next day the Global Days of Actions against Patents on Seeds will be closed with a manifestation at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Muenchen, Germany.

The undersigned individuals, organisations and institutions call on governments and patent offices to stop this worrying development and to revise existing patent regulations. The patent regulations in the EU, US and in many other countries, as well as the WTO Trips Agreement, urgently need to be reviewed in order to stop the monopolisation and corporate control of the world’s genetic resources. This review should lead to a regulation that guarantees the right to food and a prohibition of patents on plants and farm animals.

A recent survey of applications filed at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) shows that the big international seed corporations still try to push through their monopoly claims without caring about the consequences for global food security and the livelihoods of farmers around the world. This is becoming obvious by analysing the recent patent applications by the top three global seed companies, Monsanto (US), Dupont (US) and Syngenta (Switzerland).

For further reading and/or if you want to sign the petition, please go to the site of No Patents on Seeds.