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Against the vote of the majority of member states and despite serious reservations of scientists, Mr. Dalli approved the planting of a GMO with an antibiotic resistance, which could increase bacterial resistance to life saving medicines, even though there are conventional alternatives on the market. This GM potato is neither intended nor approved for human consumption. However, as contamination of the food chain may be unavoidable, they also allowed for its “adventitious presence” up to 0,9% in human food. Mr. Dalli also announced that further GMO approvals would follow soon.

In 2008 the representatives of the 27 EU member states unanimously criticized the present GMO approval system and called upon the Commission to ensure a more rigorous and impartial risk assessment and to take into account the social and economic impacts of GMO cultivation in Europe. No GMO should be authorised in the EU in the middle of a crucial debate on the reform of its GMO authorisation system.

It is now up to the member states to hold the new Commission accountable to stop GMOs from entering our environment and food chain.

Please go the STOP THE CROP cyberaction website and send a letter to your minister today asking for a moratorium on all GMO approvals.

We also suggest joining a  European Petition (initiated by AVAAZ) to the EU Commission asking for a GMO moratorium.