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Support the Wetteren 11

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We are meeting at 8am in front of the lawcourts, Justitieplein 1, Dendermonde.

You can also:

Record a (video) support message:
Short video messages of maximum a minute (max 25mb) you can send with your mobile or by mail to video@dewereldmorgen.be.
Pictures (1 per mail) and text (max. 500 signs) you may send to patat@dewereldmorgen.be. You can also upload  images and texts directly on http://www.dewereldmorgen.be/aardappelproces.

Support us financially by making a donation by bank transfer to the account
name : Crop Resistance (Triodos BIC: TRIOBEBB), number: BE59 5230 8045 6626

Distribute and sign the support petition .

Organise a benefit evening, or a debate

Background information
On 29 May 2011, hundreds of activists decontaminated a GM potato field trial in Wetteren . They pulled up genetically modified potatoes and replaced them with organic varieties, which are naturally blight resistant, tasty and healthy.

The ‘Great Potato Swap’ was public and nonviolent. The aim of the action was to stimulate debate about the pros and cons of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our fields and on our plates. It succeeded: the public debate took off in the papers, online, and on the radio and television. Schools and universities took part as did NGOs and the political and farming sectors. This act of civil disobedience made people aware of the dangers of GMO’s and the role that public research plays in their development. We need to find real sustainable and fair solutions to respond to future food challenges.

11 activists have been accused of belonging to a criminal gang, and risk being asked to pay €200,000 damages. Why so much? Because the Flemish Institute for biotechnology, University of Ghent, Ghent HogeSchool and the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research wants them to pay not only for six months of private security for the site, but also for the pro GMO rally, the time the biotech industry spent dealing with the press, and the many hours that the lecturers spent spreading pro-GMO propaganda by e-mail and Facebook.

Campaigning for a more sustainable agriculture is not a crime and this prosecution for criminal gang is undemocratic.
More than ninety people have volunteered to join the accused in the docks to reinforce this message. Among them are farmers, politicians, academic scholars, civil society representatives, concerned citizens and French voluntary reapers. This is a strong message that the 11 accused belong to a broad social movement.

Questions and info: field.liberation@gmail.com
For information about the action go to: fieldliberation.wordpress.com

PS. The law court is easy to reach by train, just 15 min walking from Dendermonde station:

Coming from Ghent: 07:25 (track 1)
Coming from Brussels Central: 07:25 (track 1)
Coming from Antwerp: 06:47 (track 23)
Coming from Liège: 06:00 (track 3)